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Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

Alice Pissing in bed

Alice is one of my best girlfriends and the first joining me in making videos about what we love, wetting. She is a natural weter, very sexy girl and having so much fun wetting herself. She enjoys pissing in jeans, pantyhose with a nice dress or skirt and last but not least, wetting in shorts. She loves wetting herself by accident or on purpose every time with a big smile on her face.

One of her favorite things to do is get really drunk and find a place to relieve herself, making a huge mess, the piss running down her sexy legs and filling her crouch, makes her very horny.

Alice is now working abroad but I plan on getting in touch with her and maybe doing some naughty videos for realwetting.
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alice sleep wetting 034alice sleep wetting 047
Alice wakes up with a surprise in her pants, she started peeing all over the bed when she realized what was happening.
  Disaster struck with Alice today as she woke up peeing all over her bed. Piss gushed out her silk panties through her pa...
55 mb | 3.10 mins11th February 2010
bedwetting teenager wetting herselfteenager wets herself pissing her bed
While deep in sleep, Alice lets go of her bladder wetting the bed. Pissing all over the bed sheets.
Alice has a desperate dream. She lets go of her bladder in her pants, wetting the bed, pissing all over the sheets and urinating i...
145 mb | 6.35 mins12th October 2008
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