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Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

Audrey K Peeing Jeans

I really enjoy jeans and jeans+pantyhose combo style. I also enjoy the running tights style pants, the black ones that don't show that I've pissed myself also black thick pantyhose nylons.

Love wetting myself incognito, like on a bus letting go small streams of piss in my black pantyhose or tights, stopping just before it reaches my shoes. Sometimes I can barely hold it back and it starts puddling at my feet and act normal, like nothing happened.

New clips coming soon with me. Stay tuned.
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piss runs down my legs as i was wetting myself 00piss runs down my legs as i was wetting myself 01
I pissed my jeans while looking for a place to pee.
10 Years ago I started this website as a hobby trying to bring you the best wetting experiences. Without you, these 10 years would...
246 mb | 4.17 mins19th April 2017
audrey wetting jeans pissing herselfaudrey wetting jeans pissing herself5
I did it again. I pissed my tight jeans.
  Well it took me some time to finally bring you another of my clips. Sorry about that. This time I wet my sexy skinti...
250 mb | 5.00 mins29th February 2012
audrey realwetting com pissing tight blue pants and pantyhose sneakers4audrey realwetting com pissing tight blue pants and pantyhose sneakers2
This is another deliberate wetting clip as requested. It features me pissing in skintight pants and pantyhose.
As requested! I am back with the pants and pantyhose combo. I wish you could feel the warmth spreading in my pants. Super sexy fee...
102 mb | 6.12 mins15th September 2010
audrey 39 0053audrey 39 0003
Deliberately dressing up and pissing myself wearing black, thick, pantyhose-nylons and skintight jeans.
***UPDATE 2 - 11/20/2009*** The clip is available for download. Thank you for your patience! ***UPDATE 11/20/2009*** This upda...
100 mb | 8.00 mins18th November 2009
audrey wetting herself in the studio pissing her jeans and pantyhose 0370602audrey wetting herself in the studio pissing her jeans and pantyhose 0370592
As it is s 100th clip I thought I should do something really special, so I did. But the jeans didnt show the wetness as much as I thought. I had a flood of piss going on there but they didnt show as much I as thought.
This clip goes out to all the clip request sent by my members, I did a full feature of pissing in tight jeans, wearing pantyhos...
42 mb | 3.00 mins10th June 2009
pissing in jeans photo gallery free downloadsexy teen audrey pissed her tight strech jeans wetting herself.
When you wet yourself with skintight jeans feels great because you can feel the piss filling your crouch and wetting my whole ass.
I`m back, this time with a marvelous clip, really sexy outfit, skintight jeans. When you wet yourself with skintight jeans feels ...
100 mb | 5.00 mins3rd November 2008
female desperation pissing jeans wetting girls peeing their pantiesgirl wetting her jeans desperate to pee
I was doing my homework when I felt the warmth of my pee slowly making its way down my ass and legs.
I started doing my homework and I had almost finished when the piss started running down my ass and the chair. I stood up to get ...
114 mb | 5.15 mins5th April 2008
peeing herself desperate in public female humiliation piss watersports goldenshowersaccidental piss wetting pantyhose and jeans desperate to pee accident ineed2pee clips free download
Hello, Best combo ever, this clip felt the best! Jeans + Thick lycra pantyhose. You feel the piss rushing out of the panties mak...
65 mb | 5.00 mins14th January 2008
girl wetting herself drunk chrismas peeing jeans desperationwoman pissing her jeans drunk
I was decorating my Christmas tree and suddenly I felt the urge to use the loo, I never made it to the bathroom, just pissed my jeans on my way.
Like I promised, this is the last update of 2007 so I wish for you only the best of 2008 and may all your dreams come true. I was...
37 mb | 3.23 mins31st December 2007
wetting her jeans in public pissshe wet herself peeing her jeans urine urolagnia video
Coming back from work, after a loooooong day at the office holding my piss I got home eagerly waiting for a wee. I never got the chance to use the loo, I urinated in my jeans.
I was coming home from a Saturday at the office, I held my piss the whole day so when I got back home I barely managed to take my ...
77 mb | 3.36 mins18th November 2007
Tight jeans pissWetting jeans pee desperation
I had a wet accident yesterday in the garden. I went to wash my hands and ... oops I couldn`t hold it anymore.
I was planting some flower seeds yesterday in the garden. I was working in the scorching sun for 2-3 hours and I drank loads of wa...
60 mb | 3.00 mins11th June 2007
I wet my jeans by accidentjeans wetting desperation
As I was walking through the woods to find a good spot to pee I ended pissing my jeans.
Today was a very sunny day and decided to go walk through the woods with some friends. As I felt the urge to pee I went wondering...
109 mb | 6.00 mins14th May 2007
She pissed her jeans videoJeans wetting
I went in the woods to find a good, retired spot to pee ... but I pissed my jeans.
In desperation I went in the woods to find a good spot to pee. I squirted all the way and when I got there I barely managed to ta...
60 mb | 5.00 mins27th April 2007
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