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Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

Audrey K Pissing in Shorts

I really enjoy jeans and jeans+pantyhose combo style. I also enjoy the running tights style pants, the black ones that don't show that I've pissed myself also black thick pantyhose nylons.

Love wetting myself incognito, like on a bus letting go small streams of piss in my black pantyhose or tights, stopping just before it reaches my shoes. Sometimes I can barely hold it back and it starts puddling at my feet and act normal, like nothing happened.

New clips coming soon with me. Stay tuned.
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girl wetting herself pissing pantyhose tweed shorts urinating herself 04girl wetting herself pissing pantyhose tweed shorts urinating herself 02
Arriving at a supermarket I piss my pants in the parking lot in desperation.
 After a few hours on the road we decided to stop at a local supermarket, having a full bladder I was not going to miss on ...
303 mb | 6.28 mins13th May 2015
wetting my jeans shorts on the beach 04wetting my jeans shorts on the beach 03
On a beautiful beach I am wetting my jeans shorts
  I`m back. I hope that I will have the time to shoot more clips with myself this year, I already shot a couple of them ...
136 mb | 3.00 mins25th September 2013
pissing girl video clip download freegirl is pissing herself video accident pissing pants2 audrey clip 30
I was writing an essay for school, I was so eager to finish I didn`t realized that I was peeing myself.
Again awesome combo, peeing capris and pantyhose, beeing locked in. Working on my essay for school I got really desperate to pee,...
65 mb | 6.00 mins23rd December 2007
Nylons peeing herself while playingwetting herself wearing nylons pee piss wetting female desperation full bladder
I was playing a wicked game on my cell phone and all of a sudden I realised I was so desperate that I actually started pissing my pants.
Hello wetting fans! Got a new game on my cell phone, it`s like Bejeweled, but more fun and MUCH MORE addictive. I was play...
90 mb | 4.24 mins23rd November 2007
pissing herself in her nylons wetting her pantsfilmed while pissing her pantyhose and shorts
I was gathering leaves and got so very desperate I could not stop the piss from gushing out of my pussy. Wetting my black lycra pantyhose and grey cotton shorts.
I love gathering leaves in, all the different colours. Right, I was gathering leaves for some 2 hours, when I felt the need to uri...
96 mb | 4.24 mins30th October 2007
she wet her denim shorts and red pantyhose full bladder pissing herselfwetting herself being drunk pissing herself in pantyhose and denim shorts
Coloured nylons are really cool. Love to piss them a lot :).
I was walking home. I was so desperate I decided I need to take the shortcut through the park. So I did, after a short while the p...
111 mb | 4.22 mins20th October 2007
Pissing shorts by accident female desperation Audrey realwetting.comAudrey desperate peeing pants
Peeing desperation during my sleep.
I don`t like to wake up just to go to the toilet so I hold it until the last moment. This time it was too late.   Have fu...
70 mb | 4.00 mins26th August 2007
Female pissing her pantsFemale Desperation girls pissing their pants
I had an accident while watching and filming birds, pissing my lycra shorts.
While doing a video project for school I felt the urge to urinate. As I was walking through the woods the urge got worst and wors...
80 mb | 5.00 mins31st July 2007
Shit I pissed myself video preview and picture galleryOops! I pissed my cotton capris!
Driving home from work I felt the real urge to pee. I drove into a side-road to ease my pain but ended up pissing my pants.
Today, July 9th, I was driving home from work, when I felt the sudden urge to pee, I drove for a while when the pain got harder an...
60 mb | 6.55 mins9th July 2007
Wetting jeans and her pantyhose urnationShe pissed herself in pantyhose and jeans
Walking in the woods I couldn`t hold it anymore and pissed my jeans.
Again my favourite combo: Jeans and Pantyhose Walking through the woods to find a good spot to pee I accidentally pissed my jean...
16 mb | 2.40 mins25th April 2007
Capri pants wetting, female desperation wetting pisswetting shorts and pantyhose desperation wetting piss
Pissed myself in front of my barbeque wetting my brown shorts and thick pantyhose.
I got in the mood for a barbeque and big time.  Ok, i gathered some firewood from the backyard and I got so desperate I coul...
18 mb | 2.59 mins19th April 2007
Teen desperate to pee wets pantyhose and jeans.Female desperation enbarassment wetting
I wet my jeans and transparent pantyhose while "cooking" the dinner.
I WAS COOKING!!! Or at least I was trying to cook.  I was pealing potatoes when I felt the urge to use the bathroom, I held ...
37 mb | 5.00 mins18th April 2007
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