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Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

Beatrice Wetting Panties

Beatrice is a 20 years old teenager who takes great pleasure in wetting herself. On our website, she pisses herself for the first time on video, and says she has a small bladder which leads to occasional wetting accidents.

However, Beatrice is very shy when it comes to shooting these videos, and sometimes it takes some time for her to start pissing while the camera is rolling. Her favorites accidents are outdoor, maybe with some people around, wearing tight, shorts or a cute mini dress, relaxing and releasing the pressure in her bladder with a hissing sound directly in her pants or whatever she's wearing.
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accident pissed panties 04accident pissed panties 02
Bladder emergency goes bad for game aficionado Beatrice
Whilst playing on her smartphone, Beatrice empties her bladder into her pink panties. Flooding the log that she sat on. Pis...
157 mb | 3.00 mins28th September 2016
beatrice awakens to piss her panties 02beatrice awakens to piss her panties 01
Beatrice wakes up to piss herself in desperation by the bed.
  Waking up desperate to pee, Beatrice takes a few steps then pisses herself wetting her panties and long socks. You ca...
190 mb | 5.04 mins2nd July 2014
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