Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

Business Outfit Pee

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dominika pisses her office dress and nylons 036dominika pisses her office dress and nylons 025
Wainting for a very important large account representative Dominka realizes that she can urinate in her grey thick pattern pantyhose. The nylons she was wearing barely showed that she pissed herself.
 UPDATE - This clip is now downloadable. Dominika got called in for a last minute meeting with a large account representative, she did not get a chance to use the loo.  When Dominika got...
50 mb | 3.00 mins7th April 2010
dee 05 0072 xxdee 05 0011 xx
Coming home after a long day, Dee realizes that the lift is broken and she has to walk up to the 9th floor with a full bladder. At the 7th she gives up and urinates in her black pantyhose.
  Dee`s apartment is on the 9th floor, bad luck has it that after coming home desperate she realizes that the elevator is broken and has to walk up 9 floors to get to the toilet.  But ...
30 mb | 2.00 mins29th October 2009
teenager girl saleswoman wets herself pissing urine on herselfbusiness woman pissing her pantyhose nylons and business suit pee urination accident wetting herself
Alice is wainting for her contact to come and sign the contract she`s been waiting for a very long time, but her day ends up in disaster, she pisses herself desperate.
Alice is wainting for her business partner to come and sign the contract she`s been waiting for a very long time, but her day ends up in disaster, she pisses herself. Wets her business suit and panty...
123 mb | 05.40 mins18th June 2008
omg i cant stop pissing in my panties piss is running down my legsalices shoes are full of piss she wet herself pissing pantyhose jpg
Alice has to go out, she dresses up and realizes she has a full bladder and gets exited by the thought of pissing her pantyhose.
As Alice was getting ready to go out she realized she had a full bladder.  The thought of losing control in her panties got her really horny. After a short while the piss was gushing out of ...
90 mb | 4.00 mins13th April 2008
Wetting her business pants in desperation. Full Bladder.Desperate to pee in her business pants
I was supposed to meet with a customer. Being desperate I lost control of my full bladder while trying to reach him on the phone.
The office has sent me to meet with a client, I had the urge to pee for while even when I left the office. After a 2 hours drive I arrived at the meeting spot, but my contact was not in sight. While t...
88 mb | 4.00 mins22nd May 2007
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