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Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

Dee Wetting Pantyhose

Dee's profession is sports physician, there i meet here and confessed to me that she loves to pee in public. According to Dee she likes the way wetting makes her feel, saying it makes her feel warm, safe and sexy.

She likes very much role playing, dressing up in everything she finds, wanting to piss in every costume, holding as much as possible and then letting go with full pressure, wetting all of her clothes and always the shoes. "Now i feel sexy and relieved" she says after some of herlegendary clips.
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dee makes a puddle on the loading bay 03dee makes a puddle on the loading bay 05
At work Dee wets herself on the loading bay, pissing her pantyhose nylons.
I found this clip that was shot a few years back and decided to publish it as second clip this week. I hope you like it. Dee r...
93 mb | 2.24 mins3rd September 2016
dee studio wetting tights 05dee studio wetting tights 00
Watch the first ever clip made with Dee
This is actually the first clip that she filmed with us. She was very camera shy and thats why it took so long to shoot and it...
227 mb | 5.57 mins21st May 2016
dee is wetting her pantyhose on the stairs 32dee is wetting her pantyhose on the stairs 3
While climbing the stairs to her home, Dee takes a piss in her pantyhose, wetting herself.
  Afraid not wet herself in the elevator, Dee takes the stairs. But until she reaches the 2nd floor she just wets herself ...
128 mb | 2:41 mins19th August 2014
dee pees herself pantyhose pissed dress pissed herself while walking desperate 02dee pees herself pantyhose pissed dress pissed herself while walking desperate 04
Sightseeing, taking pictures, Dee starts peeing herself desperate, but no panic.
    Dee was sightseeing and taking pictures with her phone. Walking around with a full bladder she did not want to...
163 mb | 3.33 mins25th October 2013
dee pisses her pantyhose in the parking lot 000001dee pisses her pantyhose in the parking lot 000005
Dee is walking nonchalant through the parking lot and pees herself for fun.
While walking through the parking lot, Dee lets go in her pantyhose. Pissing herself, wetting her bright red pantyhose nylons. ...
150 mb | 5.00 mins2nd January 2013
pissed shoes dee pissed her tights and shoes1pissed shoes dee pissed her tights and shoes2
Watch Dee as she dresses up and ends up pissing herself.
This clip is about getting dressed and peeing yourself on purpose. Dee gets dressed, walks over to the mirror and when she f...
200 mb | 8.00 mins20th June 2012
dee wetting pant 009 pissing pantyhosdee wetting pant 021 pissing pantyhos
While doing her makeup, Dee pees herself wetting purple pantyhose.
Dee is preparing to go out. She was doing her makeup when she started leaking in her panties. Trails of piss started running dow...
450 mb | 8.00 mins18th April 2012
dee loses control and pisses her purple tights wetting her pantyhosedee loses control and pisses her purple tights wetting her pantyhose6
Gathering wood, Dee bursts in her pantyhose wetting herself pissing in her tights.
  Trying to make a barbeque, Dee is trying to gather wood, when the pressure got so strong in her bladder she burts in her...
121 mb | 07.00 mins16th June 2010
dee 06 0192dee 06 0145
Dee get to the bathroom door too late and loses control of her bladder wetting her pantyhose nylons and panties.
Watch Dee as she`s losing control of her bladder in front of the bathroom door. You can see the piss running down her legs ...
52 mb | 03.00 mins11th November 2009
Dee is looking for a new job because her previous job wasnt`t fitting her too good, she tries to be an manager assistant but has to cancel pretty soon because she pisses herself, wets her pantyhose and skirts. Sexy, looong female desperation.
  She had to leave her old job as an Realestate Agent she was wasting a lot of time on trips home or ended up spending the...
76 mb | 5.00 mins16th September
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