Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

[Vintage clip] First wetting on camera with Dee

Watch the first ever clip made with Dee
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Model: Dee [see more clips by Dee]
Video clip category:  Pantyhose Pee
Total Running Time: 5.57 mins
Size: 227 mb
Video filetype: HD 720p Windows Media Video
Release Date: 21st May 2016
Pissed clothing info: Jeans skirt, purple tights, pink panties

Dee`s first wetting video for realwetting

This is actually the first clip that she filmed with us. She was very camera shy and thats why it took so long to shoot and it does not really show too much wetting.

I decided to publish it anyway even if it is not up to my standards.

Dee`s first wetting video for realwetting

Dee`s first wetting video for realwetting

Hope you like it!

Dee`s first wetting video for realwetting

Dee`s first wetting video for realwetting

Dee`s first wetting video for realwetting

I first met Dee when I rented an apartment in 2009. She was the real estate agent that made the contract. We became friends and after a while I told her that I like to piss myself dressed in nice clothing.

She was not at all surprised and she started telling a story of one of her accidents. While on a property evaluation, taking pictures of the premises that were under construction without any facilities yet. She had to drive one hour through very heavy traffic and desperate to pee. She was dressed in a suit with tight office-like pants. She arrived after the working hours of the workers and almost no one was there, but the guys guarding the whole thing.

She got out from her car, took a few steps and asked the security guys for a toilet. They mocked her and told her that there are not yet build and she has to keep it in. She started taking the needed pictures for the file alone in the half finished office building. At the second floor she told me that she felt the most awesome feeling ever. She was releasing her full bladder into her tight black office pants filling her shoes with piss and not even regretting it. She soaked herself in piss standing up with her bag on one shoulder and the camera in her hands. She finished the whole picture thing for 4 more floors, then she got back to her car, covered her seat and drove home.

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