Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

Jeans Wetting

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piss runs down my legs as i was wetting myself 00piss runs down my legs as i was wetting myself 03
I pissed my jeans while looking for a place to pee.
10 Years ago I started this website as a hobby trying to bring you the best wetting experiences. Without you, these 10 years would not have been possible. Thank You!   Long time no pee, but...
246 mb | 4.17 mins19th April 2017
erica pisses her black pants 01erica pisses her black pants 04
Good magazine makes Ericas pants moist
Erica reads a good magazine laying on the floor. She does not need to use the bathroom, she stands up and goes into her black jeans. Have fun! Please click here to download this photoset...
253 mb | 4.24 mins29th March 2017
upside down piss in jeans 01upside down piss in jeans 05
Ruby wets her jeans standing upside down
During a video shoot with Ruby she told me she knew a way of covering herself in piss from head to toe. I told her there is no such wetting, she proved me wrong. She told me: "Just start th...
247 mb | 4.18 mins8th February 2017
pissed jeans in snow wetting dark jeans 00pissed jeans in snow wetting dark jeans 05
A snowman spells disaster for Beatrice as she wets her jeans
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Beatrice goes outside to try to make a snowman, but the cold humid air got to her bladder, she starts leaking immediately after putting her hands in the damp snow. She ...
281 mb | 4.51 mins28th December 2016
girl wets her jeans pissed drunk wetting jeans accident 05girl wets her jeans pissed drunk wetting jeans accident 01
Monica is so drunk she has a wetting accident in her jeans
Meet Monica, she`s 28 years old and our newest addition to the realwetting gorgeous model list. She`s an artist, she paints and does artsy stuff for a living. She told me that she designed f...
401 mb | 6.54 mins9th November 2016
gemmas shopping accident 00gemmas shopping accident 04
Shopping for groceries makes Gemma piss her jeans
Coming come from shopping, Gemma has her hands full of shopping bags. She barely manages to close the door with one elbow when disaster strikes. She starts pissing herself! Huge amounts of the...
198 mb | 3.40 mins14th September 2016
dominika wets her pink jeans on purpose pissing her pants 04dominika wets her pink jeans on purpose pissing her pants 00
Losing the train Dominika pisses her pink jeans out of frustration.
After losing the train she was supposed to catch, Dominika walks towards the bus station to get to town at least. She stops for a while trying to light a cigarette but she cannot find the lighter i...
200 mb | 3.33 mins20th July 2016
natalie tight jeans 05natalie tight jeans 01
While walking on the beach, Natalie soaks herself in pee.
Natalie walks around the beach after a long party. She drank a lot that day and you know the saying, "What goes in must come out". So walking so carelessly she stops and realizes that she ...
249 mb | 4.21 mins18th May 2016
claudia wets her jeans while looking for the keys 00claudia wets her jeans while looking for the keys 01
Coming back home from work with a full bladder makes Claudia`s jeans all wet.
Claudia comes back from work with a bursting bladder, she squirms and pee-pee dances all the way to her door. When reaching in her HUGE bag for the house keys she does not find them, of course. A fe...
237 mb | 5.07 mins17th February 2016
tight jeans piss in bathroom antonia 00tight jeans piss in bathroom antonia 05
Antonia drenches her tight jeans in piss while cleaning the bathroom
*** HAPPY NEW YEAR! *** Antonia has to clean her bathroom and has no time to pee. She has to get the job done before her guests arrive. She bends over the bathtub and gushes piss into her tight...
267 mb | 5.42 mins30th December 2015
sara pisses herself wetting jeans 2015 01sara pisses herself wetting jeans 2015 03
Sara pisses her jeans for the camera
Sara is desperate and wants to show her desperation. She squirms for very short while in front of the camera and releases her full pressure into her tight jeans. Pissing herself. Superb clip fro...
195 mb | 4.08 mins2nd December 2015
laura wets herself pissing her jeans desperate wetting 02laura wets herself pissing her jeans desperate wetting 05
Laura has an accident pissing her jeans
Desperate Laura tries to put her shoes on while with a full bladder. She squirms around for a little while and then she pisses her beige jeans soaking them in piss. Interesting vintage clip fro...
88 mb | 2.18 mins28th November 2015
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