Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

Natalie had a bit too much to drink so she ends up wetting the bed and her jeans

Natalie comes back home drunk and tired, she barely manages to throw herself onto her bed and falls asleep pissing her jeans and wetting the bed.
natalie wets her jeans drunk piss gushing out through her jeans
girl wetting her bed drunk pissing her jeans
sexy model natalie had too much to drink and pissed her jeans and wet her bed
sexy female desperation drunk girl wetting her jeans in bed
she pissed her  pants desperate to pee drunk holding her wee wetting her bed
hot chick pisses herself drunk wetting her jeans urinating in her bed
Model: Natalie [see more clips by Natalie]
Video clip category:  Bed Wetting
Total Running Time: 5.00 mins
Size: 121 mb
Video filetype: Windows Media Video (WMV)
Release Date: 10th December 2008
Pissed clothing info: grey jeans with panties underneath

header natalie wetting the bed drunk pissing herself

Natalie was out all night partying and she drank a lot. When she got home she was so drunk she just fell asleep on the bed forgetting to use the loo before. 

She started wetting herself and pissing the bed when she fell asleep.

Incredible images and stunning wetting-drunk desperation clip, Natalie she confessed she enjoyed this one a lot.  
I hope you enjoy it too.

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