Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

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Pee wetting stories The Mustang StoryThe Mustang Story Written by Marcia
Looking over at the next seat Mia ran her hands through Erik‘s hair, she adores how his curls would get caught between her fingers and how he would wince in over exaggeration.
Pee wetting stories Golden Shower Part 4Golden Shower Part 4 Written by wetguy42
Golden Shower Part 4   After my last few adventures with my new friend, I could hardly contain my excitement all day at work before she came back again.
Pee wetting stories Golden Shower Part 3Golden Shower Part 3 Written by wetguy42
Golden Shower Part 3   After my last two encounters with my kinky little sex friend, my mind has been completely blown.
Pee wetting stories Golden Shower Part 2Golden Shower Part 2 Written by wetguy42
Golden Shower Part 2 After last evening‘s events, I had been drinking water and trying to fill up my bladder as best as I could all day long.
Pee wetting stories Golden ShowerGolden Shower Written by wetguy42
 Golden Shower Last night was another late night at the office.
Pee wetting stories The Train StrainThe Train Strain Written by Debra
The Train Strain I want a piss but I‘m on a train! In August 1998, I was travelling home from a concert in London which was about a 3 hour journey to where I was living at the time.
Pee wetting stories The Ultimate Pissy Fantasy part 1The Ultimate Pissy Fantasy part 1 Written by Debra
The Ultimate Pissy Fantasy.
Pee wetting stories The Locked BathroomThe Locked Bathroom Written by Debra
The Locked Bathroom.
Pee wetting stories Door to door selling with a bursting female bladderDoor to door selling with a bursting female bladder Written by Debra
 Door to door selling with a bursting female bladder   Some years ago I was involved in doing some work that involved going around from door to door knocking on stranger‘s doors and for want of a better way of putting it, selling magazines and books and trying to hold a conversation with the householders wherever possible.
Pee wetting stories The Cinema VisitThe Cinema Visit Written by Undine51
Lucy pressed her hands together between her legs wanting to pee very badly, the fact that she was on the verge of coming was exciting and made her legs tremble, there she was, in the cinema watching a horror film, with her sister Jen, she the film so frightened her, that though was dying to pee, she was afraid to go on to the toilet in the dark on her own, and Jen was engrossed in the film and refused to accompany her.
Pee wetting stories The Wet SeatThe Wet Seat Written by Undine51
Debbie looked at him as they stood at the bar, and whispered "Please lets go now I am almost wetting my panties".
Pee wetting stories Kate and Ian wet picnicKate and Ian wet picnic Written by Undine51
When they left the pub, they drove to a secluded picnic spot that they knew well.
Pee wetting stories The camouflaged wettingThe camouflaged wetting Written by Millan
  The camouflaged wetting When I had finished cleaning up after my first accident, I was still pretty confused.
Pee wetting stories Uniform FunUniform Fun Written by Undine51
Uniform Fun   Those readers who are familiar with the events than had occurred earlier that afternoon will know that, following an accident (I wet my panties) while on the phone, had coincided with Ian‘s (my husband) unexpected return from work.
Pee wetting stories Millan's first accidentMillan's first accident Written by Millan
Note: This story contains Female Desperation, Accidental Wetting, and Masturbation.
Pee wetting stories A Wet DreamA Wet Dream Written by Lady Katriel
In the dim light of her bedroom her mind wanders.
Pee wetting stories The GardenThe Garden Written by Terri
The humidity was up around 100% and even the breeze from the lake near my home wasn‘t keeping me cool.
Pee wetting stories The PresentationThe Presentation Written by Dawn
I had been invited to represent my company at a presentation evening being held by one of our suppliers.

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