Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

New Fitness Peeing clip from Erica

Workout ends in piss for Erica

Staying fit is hard work for Erica

pissing her yoga pants 05 pissing her yoga pants 03 

Model: Erica [see more clips by Erica]
Video clip category:  Fitness Peeing
Total Running Time: 4.39 mins
Size: 227 mb
Video filetype: HD 720p Windows Media Video
Release Date: 21st June 2017
Pissed clothing info: blue yoga pants, blue panties and black socks pissing fetish video gallery

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pissing her yoga pants 03pissing her yoga pants 05
Staying fit is hard work for Erica
Staying fit is too much for Erica as she works out she finds that piss sprays out of her, eventually pulling down her blue yoga ...
227 mb | 4.39 mins21st June 2017
olivia schoolgirl detention panty pee 01olivia schoolgirl detention panty pee 05
Bad girl Olivia gets detention, she wets her panties in revenge
Olivia gets punished by being forced to stay desperate in the classroom corner. She is not allowed to use the bathroom during de...
160 mb | 4.36 mins14th June 2017
pee through swimsuit 02pee through swimsuit 03
Sunbathing in the garden with Beatrice
Beatrice is sunbathing today in the garden, enjoying the sun and the quiet place. After a while, she is bursting and decide to t...
190 mb | 3.17 mins7th June 2017
dee pisses her shorts wetting her pants 04dee pisses her shorts wetting her pants 01
Dee is too bored to use the bathroom, she pisses instead through her shorts
Red shorts situation with Dee, she was casually walking through the garden when she realized she had to pee. The bathroom wa...
350 mb | 6.03 mins31st May 2017
pissing pantyhose in snow gemma 01pissing pantyhose in snow gemma 04
Gemma tries to write her name in piss on the snow
Surrounded by beautiful scenery, Gemma has to pee really badly. She starts peeing into her pantyhose trying to write her name in...
212 mb | 3.41 mins24th May 2017
she pissed her pantyhose 03she pissed her pantyhose 05
Julia pees her pantyhose and skirt reading a magazine
Julia stands on the floor reading a magazine, she is desperate but too captivated to get up. All of a sudden a yellow liquid is ...
95 mb | 2.24 mins21st May 2017
horny girl wets her jeans on purpose jeans wetting 00horny girl wets her jeans on purpose jeans wetting 01
Debbie finds a good spot to piss herself on camera
Really hot video featuring Debbie wetting her tight jeans on a concrete ledge. She climbs and simply lets go of her golden warmt...
196 mb | 3.25 mins17th May 2017
antonia wets her pantyhose drunk afterparty 00antonia wets her pantyhose drunk afterparty 03
After a long party, Antonia finds her bladder too full
Party goer Antonia comes back from a very long party only to find herself too drunk to unlock the door. She crashes on the couch...
171 mb | 3.17 mins10th May 2017
she tries to pee in tampon but pisses her pantyhose 00she tries to pee in tampon but pisses her pantyhose 02
Bursting desperate Ruby tries to pee into a tampon.
After a long day at work Ruby has to pee. But she finds the bathroom busy. With no other option in sight she finds a tampon in h...
275 mb | 5.00 mins3rd May 2017
yellow pants drenching with monica 03yellow pants drenching with monica 00
Monica comes back from work for a relaxing spring afternoon on her porch.
Relaxing afternoon after work with Monica. She has to pee but decides to deliberately piss herself for you. What do you think, ...
173 mb | 3.00 mins26th April 2017
piss runs down my legs as i was wetting myself 01piss runs down my legs as i was wetting myself 04
I pissed my jeans while looking for a place to pee.
10 Years ago I started this website as a hobby trying to bring you the best wetting experiences. Without you, these 10 years would...
246 mb | 4.17 mins19th April 2017
natalie makes a mess on her skirt 02natalie makes a mess on her skirt 03
Beautiful spring day makes Natalie piss her panties on purpose
Relaxing wetting experience on a beautiful spring day with Natalie. She lies on her blanket on the grass only to stand up and st...
189 mb | 3.19 mins12th April 2017
black tights piss with claudia 03black tights piss with claudia 05
Found a place to pee but someone came and she pissed herself
Hiking Claudia finds a good place to pee, but someone is coming. She already started leaking, she pulls up her pants only to con...
199 mb | 3.29 mins5th April 2017
erica pisses her black pants 01erica pisses her black pants 00
Good magazine makes Ericas pants moist
Erica reads a good magazine laying on the floor. She does not need to use the bathroom, she stands up and goes into her black je...
253 mb | 4.24 mins29th March 2017
olivia jeggings bedwetting 01olivia jeggings bedwetting 00
Olivia makes a mess in jeggings bed wetting
Meet Olivia, she is 30 years old working as a cosmetician. She contacted me after talking to a common friend and asked me if she...
415 mb | 7.41 mins22nd March 2017
beatrice starts leaking in pantyhose boots 02beatrice starts leaking in pantyhose boots 00
Admiring her surroundings, Beatrice leaks into her boots.
Beatrice is admiring her surroundings and overwhelmed by the scenery she leaks into her panties. Trails of piss started forming ...
229 mb | 4.00 mins15th March 2017
yellow skirt accident with laura 04yellow skirt accident with laura 00
Laura knocks on the door to find that no one is there.
Trying to surprise her boyfriend that she thought she was working in the elevator room, Laura ends up peeing herself all alone. ...
155 mb | 4.00 mins11th March 2017
roller skate pee accident shorts and pantyhose 00roller skate pee accident shorts and pantyhose 03
2nd lesson rollerblading for Dee and wetting again her pants
Dee is trying to rollerblade again. Since last time was a wet disaster she thought she could try this again. She puts on her rol...
226 mb | 3.56 mins8th March 2017
gray pants wetting gemma 05gray pants wetting gemma 03
Gemma filled her pants with piss in front of friends gate
Gemma wants to meet up with her friends but finds no one home. She tries the gate but no one was home. Piss starts running down ...
150 mb | 2.38 mins1st March 2017
debbie wets herself pissing brown pantyhose 00debbie wets herself pissing brown pantyhose 05
Not very keen to go out Debbie dresses up to piss herself
Debbie is preparing herself to go out. She is not very keen to go on a date right now. She starts dressing with a black dres...
315 mb | 5.47 mins22nd February 2017
girl wets her pants being searched 02girl wets her pants being searched 05
Antonia gets frisked and pisses herself.
Debbie comes to Antonia`s door dressed in stripper police uniform to search her because she has been very naughty. Antonia prete...
226 mb | 4.00 mins15th February 2017
upside down piss in jeans 05upside down piss in jeans 01
Ruby wets her jeans standing upside down
During a video shoot with Ruby she told me she knew a way of covering herself in piss from head to toe. I told her there is no s...
247 mb | 4.18 mins8th February 2017
pissing contest claudia monica 01pissing contest claudia monica 04
The bet with damp consequences
Monica and Claudia place their bets on who can hold it longer. They start on the bench aftter drinking a considerable amount of ...
671 mb | 12.00 mins1st February 2017
playing darts makes natalie wet her white pants  pissing herself 01playing darts makes natalie wet her white pants  pissing herself 05
Moist white pants on a single player darts game
It is game time for Natalie. She needs some relaxation and time for herself, so she starts playing darts by herself. But her ful...
241 mb | 4.17 mins25th January 2017
claudia pisses herself bound to a radiator 01claudia pisses herself bound to a radiator 03
Claudia has a bad day at the office
Somehow Claudia ends up tied up to the radiator and desperate to pee. She fights and tries really hard to hold it in, but she le...
278 mb | 5.00 mins18th January 2017
running lady pisses her tights exercising 00running lady pisses her tights exercising 03
Running and peeing with Sara
Staying fit is important for Sara, that is why she started running. After a dozen meters she stops and leaks her warmth down her...
86 mb | 1.30 mins14th January 2017
overalls pantyhose piss with erica 04overalls pantyhose piss with erica 01
Erica cleans up after the party but wets herself in the process
Erica is a very dilligent girl, her party was over and started cleaning up and doing the laundry. But with a full bladder disast...
214 mb | 3.46 mins11th January 2017
reading book dominika pees her pantyhose skirt 04reading book dominika pees her pantyhose skirt 05
Reading her favorite book, Dominika pees herself for the camera
When Dominika finds a good book she forgets about her bulging bladder easily. When she had to pee she just wet her pantyhose and...
360 mb | 6.43 mins4th January 2017
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