Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee pissing fetish video gallery 19

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Wetting running pants in the park while jogging.Photo of running girl having an accident pissing herself
I pissed myself while jogging in the park. Desperate I really had to go.
Today I was trying to get fit by jogging. I  was so desperate ... I pissed just a little bit while running and when I got ...
90 mb | 3.49 mins25th May 2007
Wetting her business pants in desperation. Full Bladder.Accidental urination in business pants
I was supposed to meet with a customer. Being desperate I lost control of my full bladder while trying to reach him on the phone.
The office has sent me to meet with a client, I had the urge to pee for while even when I left the office. After a 2 hours drive I...
88 mb | 4.00 mins22nd May 2007
Pee pee pants movieBrown pants piss video
I had to do them, I hate these pants!, I had to do something to make me feel better, I just soiled my brown pants :D.
Photo gallery:             Erm ... no story just pee. I felt I had to go in thes...
75 mb | 4.02 mins16th May 2007
Wetting my jeans accidental urinationPissing my jeans in desperation
As I was walking through the woods to find a good spot to pee I ended pissing my jeans.
Today was a very sunny day and decided to go walk through the woods with some friends. As I felt the urge to pee I went wondering...
109 mb | 6.00 mins14th May 2007
wetting lycra shortsI pissed my lycra stockings wetting myself and the floor
Pissed myself while cleaning the house, made a mess in my panties and pantyhose. Damn it felt good.
While cleaning the house I got really desperate, after a while I pissed myself, peeing my blue lycra shorts and blue thick pantyho...
60 mb | 3.00 mins4th May 2007
She pissed her jeans videoTight Jeans Pissing
I went in the woods to find a good, retired spot to pee ... but I pissed my jeans.
In desperation I went in the woods to find a good spot to pee. I squirted all the way and when I got there I barely managed to ta...
60 mb | 5.00 mins27th April 2007
She pissed herself in pantyhose and jeansDesperation wetting jeans
Walking in the woods I couldn`t hold it anymore and pissed my jeans.
Again my favourite combo: Jeans and Pantyhose Walking through the woods to find a good spot to pee I accidentally pissed my jean...
16 mb | 2.40 mins25th April 2007
Pissing her self pictureWetting herself in tights
I deliberately wet myself dressed in black lycra tights and short dress.
After lunch I went to take something out of my back yard, since I was desperate to pee so hard I deliberately pissed myself, I jus...
19 mb | 2.59 mins24th April 2007
Patyhose desperation and wettingpissing in her pants desperate
After a long night clubbin` with my girlfriends I got home so desperate I pissed a little while walking home.
The night I went clubbin` wasn`t so fun at the end because I ended pissing myself wetting my brown thick pantyhose before I manage...
20 mb | 2.59 mins23rd April 2007
Desperation wetting in patyhoseTeen wetting herself by accident
After a long day at the office I came back with a cab, but I forgot my bag in the office. Wetting pantyhose and panties trying to get into the house.
I held my piss the whole day at work.  I took a cab home, on the way I realized that I forgot my bag with my keys at the off...
40 mb | 2.30 mins23rd April 2007
Thick pantyhose wettingFemale embarassment wetting
Pissed myself in front of my barbeque wetting my brown shorts and thick pantyhose.
I got in the mood for a barbeque and big time.  Ok, i gathered some firewood from the backyard and I got so desperate I coul...
18 mb | 2.59 mins19th April 2007
Pantyhose desperation and wetting.My wet bum, pissed jeans.
I wet my jeans and transparent pantyhose while "cooking" the dinner.
I WAS COOKING!!! Or at least I was trying to cook.  I was pealing potatoes when I felt the urge to use the bathroom, I held ...
37 mb | 5.00 mins18th April 2007
Lycra pants wetting accident while cleaning the bathroomPissing my lycra pants in the bathroom
Drenched the freshly cleaned bathroom in piss. Pissing myself while wearing black lycra leggings.
Today I decided to clean my bathroom and while doing that I got desperate to pee.  The toilet bowl was very clean so I thoug...
14 mb | 2.00 mins17th April 2007
Accident wetting myself in pantyhoseAccidentally pissing my thick blue pantyhose.
I drenched my blue pantyhose in piss, wetting myself, my shoes and the bathroom floor.
After a long day at the Mall I drove home desperate to pee. I was wearing blue thick pantyhose den 80 and a short dress. After par...
15 mb | 2.05 mins16th April 2007
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