Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

Hotel desperation - Wetting skirt and panties

Returning to my hotel room I got more and more desperate to pee. Never got the chance to relieve my urge. I wet my panties and skirt right on the toilet.
girl wetting panties and skirt in the bathroom hotel desperation
female desperation woman pissing her panties and skirt
wetting panties accidental urination and piss
female hotel desperation
she pissed herself wetting panties and skirt
Full bladder accidental urination girl wetting skirt and panties
Model: Audrey K [see more clips by Audrey K]
Video clip category:  Panties Pee
Total Running Time: 3.25 mins
Size: 60 mb
Video filetype: WMV (Windows Media Video)
Release Date: 10th September 2007
Pissed clothing info: Tweed Skirt + Poly Panties
Hotel desperation - Wetting skirt and panties is the 4th clip in the download chart 

After a looooong day at some conference, on the way back to the hotel I got really really desperate. So when I opened the door to my room I barely took off my jacket and ... fucking disaster ...

I pissed myself, wetting my panties and skirt over the toilet.

Felt really nice!

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