Pissing in patyhose and business skirt - wetting herself desperate to pee

Wetting brown pantyhose after a night of clubbin

After a long night clubbin` with my girlfriends I got home so desperate I pissed a little while walking home.
Girl pissing herself while drunk
Patyhose desperation and wetting
Brown pantyhose cameltoe wetting her pantyhose video
Female wetting pantyhose drunk
Peeing her pants
pissing in her pants desperate
Model: Audrey K [see more clips by Audrey K]
Video clip category:  Pantyhose Pee
Total Running Time: 2.59 mins
Size: 20 mb
Video filetype: WMV - Windows Media Video
Release Date: 23rd April 2007
Pissed clothing info: Brown pantyhose DEN 60 Opaque and cotton paties

The night I went clubbin` wasn`t so fun at the end because I ended pissing myself wetting my brown thick pantyhose before I managed to go the bathroom. 

When I entered my room I just managed to gather some rags to put on the floor and just pissing myself while doing so. This video wasn`t staged or anything, I just pissed my pants in true desperation.

Here are some pissing scenes before and after pictures:

Brown pantyhose upskirt cameltoe pissing Pantyhose desperation and wetting fetish Pantyhose upskirt wetting herself video pictures

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