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Poor Girl Wetting Herself Piss Pee Urination Accidental Piss Incontinence

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Natalie wets her jeans after a day at the mall

natalie wetting her jeans after a full day at the mall shopping 014656Natalie comes home after a whole day at the mall. Her full bladder could not take anymore and loses it on her doorstep wetting her jeans.
Type:  Windows Media Video (WMV)
Total Running Time: 04.26 mins  | Size: 64mb
Release Date: 2nd June 2009
Pissed clothing info: Blue jeans.
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Dee is seeking a new job as an Manager Assistant

Deee_0001Dee is looking for a new job because her previous job wasnt`t fitting her too good, she tries to be an manager assistant but has to cancel pretty soon because she pisses herself, wets her pantyhose and skirts. Sexy, looong female desperation.
Type:  Windows Media Video (WMV)
Total Running Time: 5.00 mins  | Size: 76mb
Release Date: 16th September
Pissed clothing info: Skirt, black opaque pantyhose and cotton panties.
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