Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty Much Everything You Need to Know

  1. I want to contact this website's webmaster. Can you provide me with a email address?

    If you're over 18 years of age and would like to model for us, please email us at

  2. I want to exchange banners with Audrey's Wetting Site

    Email your banner here: Please have in mind that I only exchange banners with fetish oriented websites. Here's my banner:

  3. I can`t see any of the videos on this website. Why is that?

    You prolly don`t have any codecs installed or not the right one.  Since I don`t really know the one used when I transfer my videos try google for some codec packs. Mac users might need some program for conversion. If still you get nothing, send me an email:

  4. What is this site about? is a high quality video site dedicated to the hottest pants/panty/pantyhose/jeans wetting movies on the net!  Our videos are 640*480 resolution and are playable full screen with sound (DVD Quality). 

  5. How much can I download?

    There is a limitation to the number of clips you can download. On every subscription you may download all the clips one time. But if you lost a clip or more, or, your download crashed, you may request a new dowload link on the clips page int he members area. All we ask is to download only 1-2 files simultaneously in order to not bog down the servers.

  6. Are the downloads fast?

    Our server is hosted in the US. Our support staff also ensure that issues are fixed immediately if they ever come up.  Our cable users download between 1mbit and 10mbit/s. Our modem users download between 5KB/s to 6KB/s

  7. Can I use a download manager?

    NO!  If you use a download manager you will block all the links in your member`s area and lose the ability to download them. However if you had no idea this would happen you can email us to reset your links.  

  8. What do I need to play the videos?

    I recommend using Windows Media Player, that comes with 99% of computers. You might also need a codec such as Xvid, which is free to download and install. That`s it! Another free player is the VLC Player, which does not need any codecs what-so-ever.

  9. Will I ever get bored?

    Well, we always update our site. When a series is complete, we begin another one. We usually add about 2-5 full scenes each month.

  10. How is the quality of the videos?

    Our videos are of utmost quality. The initial videos featured on have a minimum 640*480 resolution, more recent ones are featured in HD or FULL HD resolution (720p30 to 1080p60). All photosets are of the highest quality and if needed we can provide members with higher 36mpix images.

  11. OK, You`ve convinced me, is it safe & confidential?

    All transactions are safe and secure and your information is protected. 

  12. Is something wrong with Audrey?

    Urolagnia (also known as urophilia or undinism ) is a sexual fetish in which participants derive sexual pleasure from urine and urination.  People with urolagnia often like to urinate in public, or urinate on, or be urinated on by other people, and may drink the urine.  Source Wikipedia .

  13. Do you wet yourself by request?

    YES! In the member`s area you have a form to request your own scenario and clothing that you want me or our models to film in.

  14. I got a good desperation-wetting story, can I send it to you?

    If you are the copyright owner you can email it to me: .  Include your alias in the email.

  15. I want to be your reseller what do I get?

    You get 30% off new and recurring memberships.

  16. Why do all high resolution picture have watermarks?

    It protects me against picture theft.

  17. How do I cancel my membership?

    You go to the billing support link

  18. Where can I see some pee-wetting samples?

    Anytime now there will be a couple of sample clips available for download.

  19. How do I stream videos on my smartphone or tablet?

    You simply log in to the members area, tap on the video you like and press the big play button in the middle of the page

  20. Can I use TOR or VPN for anonymization?

    No! This violates our usage guidelines and will block all of your links in the members area.


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