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There's not a more feminine thing as pantyhose does to your legs. Men often associate nylons with lingerie and think that women wear them to attract men. I wear them because they complete my office outfits and they make my legs look perfect. The most important thing is that I wear them because they make me look and feel sexy.

I wear pantyhose in winter because they are keeping me warm, besides that I wear them for the look against my skin and the feeling I get when men stare at my feet for minutes on my commute.

The ultimate 'you can look but you can't touch' attire!

Heh the best nylons are damp nylons, on a busy random weekday, coming back from my office job, bursting while stepping off my uber ride and letting some of that pressure down my legs! Best thing about dark nylons is that they don't show the wetness. Walking off an accident in pantyhose is a natural thing for me as I know exactly the brands and colors that don't show that I've pissed myself.

Check out the free video compilation below to get a sense of what I'm talking about!

Pantyhose Gallery


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