Wetting stories

A planned panties wetting accident goes a bit wrong

Well, I must admit that yesterday I did go on a bit of a drinking spree, I went mad with cola, tea and blackcurrant juice and with those herbal water tablets, I soon needed to go badly.

I wanted to go somewhere a bit different this time, so wearing a black ‘leather looking‘ mini skirt and navy blue silky feel panties, I headed down town.
I knew that the railway station toilets had been out of order since earlier this week when a mild earthquake hit town - so mild most people (me included) slept through it - damage was at a minimum, but according to the TV news, it affected the water supply, so I headed straight over to town in great hope.
Well, its a fair ole walk right over there and when you‘re really bursting for the loo its a very long walk and every footstep seemed to make me worse.

It wasn‘t the warmest of days, so a mini skirt probably wasn‘t the most sensible of choices but lordie, I wasn‘t going back home to change now. I was getting more and more aroused with every twinge of my bladder, I did wonder if I‘d mis-calculated my fluid intake actually because "desperate" wasn‘t exactly the right word, I was practically having to walk on tip-toes, I didn‘t know how anyone could feel this desperate and still hold on, my panties were damp, not with pee but with arousal, my whole body felt like it was about to burst in flames at any second.
It‘s not very often I wear a skirt without silky nylon shorts so I also felt a bit exposed too, but the blue panties were made of the same breathtaking material. I approached some public toilets and knew that this was my last chance before the railway station, just the mere sight of the word ‘Ladies‘ on the door almost made me weak with the overwhelming urge to empty my bursting bladder and for a split second, I considered wetting the floor but no, I wanted to enjoy a bit more of this indescribable feeling.

I entered the toilets and inside I had a very badly needed hold and little rub, but because I really was so desperate, I almost came and you know what happens then! So I quickly stopped that and had one more luxurious hold before coming out and resumed my walking to the station again, but oooohhh hell, I‘m sure that few minutes had made my situation feel ten times worse, I almost wished I hadn‘t done it!
I was really having a very difficult time here, there wasn‘t a darn place in sight I could use for an emergency cover either, I had no choice but to make it to the railway station, I knew the toilets were out of order but part of me were hoping they‘d been fixed now. Every few steps I had to stop and cross my bare legs, I glanced back longingly at the toilets I‘d just left behind but no, I really couldn‘t say whether I‘d actually make it or not, it was that bad, every muscle in my body was tensed up tight and my mouth was dry with arousal. I was also conscious that every now and then I was clutching at myself, I don‘t know how long I‘d been doing that, it was an unconscious act on my part.

I got to the railway station and there‘s a phone box outside, good, I think that‘ll do in an emergency, but what was an emergency? I was literally on the verge of loosing the contents of my bladder down my legs, I couldn‘t walk, I could barely breathe, I was sweating with the effort it was taking, how desperately I yearned to relax just for one precious second, but I couldn‘t do that, I knew I couldn‘t. I went inside the station and I don‘t know whether it was horror or pleasure to see the sign up outside the toilet saying "out of order" - I stood there by the locked door squirming, holding myself, biting my lip, jigging about from foot to foot, I was aware of some people looking at me, (but I could hardly be blamed could I? I mean, it‘s not MY fault the toilets were out of order was it?). The spasms in my bladder were overwhelming me, I knew I couldn‘t hold on much longer, oooh I was enjoying this little mischievous pissy adventure!
I stood there in extreme desperation not really knowing what to do actually, it had been my intention to be very desperate there most definately and yes, I wanted to kick up a fuss about the toilets, BUT I wasn‘t expecting to be quite that full, I did expect to be in some control of my situation, but it had gone a little bit wrong, there was NO WAY I was in control of this, no way, I began to feel my hand was getting wet and I knew I was weeing, oh no, I had to get outta here fast I thought.

I hobbled outside and got to the phone box, I wanted to get inside, but the physical effort of opening the door was all it took for my pee to flow down my bare legs and to form a huge river at my feet, it also flowed in two little streams quite a way outside the phone box. OOOOHHHH!! I just stood in my puddle feeling a mixture of pure utter relief and sexual arousal, so I came home in my wet panties, my skirt was so short it didn‘t get wet and the minute I got in I thought of you and I rubbed myself into another world, it was ecstasy.



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