Wetting stories

Bursting to pee at the hairdressers

This morning I was in town (as I often am weekday mornings) and as usual I‘d been drinking gallons of tea in preparation for some desperation fun (after lunch at home alone) and I needed to go fairly bad, but by my calculations I figured I wouldn‘t be really desperate for another hour or two yet, so I popped into the hairdressers and asked if they could fit me in there and then, she said they could if I‘d like to wait 20 minutes. I agreed, my hair needed doing before a trip back to Essex next week anyway, so I sat down and got engrossed in a magazine.

Sitting down seemed to increase my need to pee rather a lot, but I still thought I‘d be OK and besides, I couldn‘t really leave now could I? I was wearing maroon coloured panties and a mid length navy blue skirt. I tried to concentrate on the magazine but I was feeling a bit uncomfortable and I was aware of the fact I was fidgeting rather a lot, I was considering leaving, but just then the stylist called me over for my turn. It seemed the act of standing up walking to the chair and sitting on a harder surface doubled my need and I actually felt I needed to go very badly by the time she had finished taking my coat from me and putting that apron thing over me and then answering the telephone.

As she began to cut my hair, I was aware of my fidgeting so I tried to keep as still as I could, but by now I was really in desperate need to use the toilet, the chair was very hard and that made me feel my bladder‘s urgent awareness even more! She was rambling on to me but I was hardly listening, I was really regretting this, I could see my face tense up and look anxious in the mirror right in front of me, so I was trying to look fairly relaxed and not to fidget, but I was bursting now and that hard seat was not helping.

The stylist seemed to be taking forever, I glanced at the clock, it had been 35 minutes since I‘d first gone inside, its unusual for me to go from "needing to go very bad" to "really desperate" in only 35 minutes but I had, it was so very difficult trying to sit still, trying to make conversation with her and desperately trying not to wet myself at the same time. My bladder was really bursting now and I was genuinely concerned, then another stylist ran some water for another customer, hell, that was too much and despite every ounce of willpower I could summon, I felt some pee soak into my panties, I was sitting with my legs tightly crossed and thanks to those horrible apron things I had both hands jammed between my legs unseen, I could feel that I had wet my panties and wondered how much had soaked through to my skirt, according to my bursting bladder--not a lot, although my panties said differently - God, would she ever finish?

I was really worried now, I sat like that for another 8 minutes with my legs very tightly crossed and both hands hidden under the apron jammed tight against myself, holding back the flood!

When she‘d finished I had to wait for her to move the apron, oh hell, get my coat for me, take my money etc, which you normally aren‘t even aware of really, but when you‘re absolutely bursting for a pee they can seem like the most annoying little things in the world. I stood up and got my coat on. The seat was damp, so I quickly and discreetly pushed it back under the counter and got out of there really fast, but my bladder problem of course still remained.

I was still on the verge of completely wetting myself, I was too far from home to make it and too far from the public toilets, just then another wave hit me and I felt the warm pee run down my legs! There‘s a car park on the other side of the road - it was my only hope, so with great difficulty I crossed the road and just made it behind a parked empty estate car when another wave hit me and more pee flowed down my legs, but this time instead of frantically trying to stop it, I just relaxed and let it all out, I completely soaked myself, ooohhhh but how good it felt, oh boy! Words cant explain it, all the way home my wet panties excited me and the minute I got home I rubbed myself off still in my wet clothes :) :) :) Lots of smiles! Debra xx



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