Wetting stories

Warm day

It was a "warm" day, if you catch my drift, just like any other. Me and my friend were just getting back from the mall. Me and Kelly, that‘s her name, had extremely bad bladder problems. We could drink about any amount of water and be bursting about ten minutes later. Now when we got in the car she was driving and had just drank an entire big gulp. I asked her if she‘d be fine to drive. She, as always said I‘m fine. I sat in the passengers seat because I‘m always the first one to pee. Next thing you know her leather seats were soaked and I was loving the warmth. She saw me peeing and immediately bursted. She saw that the golden warmth didn‘t soak through the leather and said "oh that reminds me about something, but I‘m gonna have to show you when we get back to the house."

   When we pulled up into the driveway she "said you need to drink some water first." Now we always love to make each other wet our pants. Sometimes we end up peeing uncontrollably. So I thought this was just another fun thing to do. I‘m not using the word prank because we like to wet our pants as much as possible just because it feels so good. Anyways I drank three bottles of water and she told me "this is going to test your bladders strength." I replied "Well I can tell you it‘s very weak as you already know." She giggled and went into my closet. She knows I have every type of clothing in there. Leggings, dresses, skirts, tights, jeans, tops, sequin clothes, even 3 prom dresses. I have anything you can name. She told me to look away so I pulled out my phone and went on instagram. She told me to look over and I saw her holding a leather jacket, leather leggings that as basically as tight and stretchy as latex, 9 inch thigh high leather stilletos, and even leather panties and a bra. I wasn‘t even sure I had those but she told me to put them on, so I did.

   When I did she told me " I‘m going to seal the openings of the clothing." At this point I was very curious. She first told me not to put on the heels so she could tape the bottom of the leggings with black duct tape since that was the color of the outfit. She then told me to put on the heels, of which I did, and then she proceeded to tape the top of the boots at my mid thigh range. She then taped up the zipper of the jacket, the ends of the long sleeves, and the outside/inside of the zipper up. Now at this point I was curious as to why she didn‘t tape up the neck opening or more importantly the waist line of my leggings. She then said "So I‘m gonna walk you to a surprise ok?" I knodded.

   She then put her hands around my eyes and walked me to the shower and placed me standing up straight in the tub. She uncovered my eyes and I got an idea of what was going on but before I could say anything she told me to turn my back to the shower head. And I said so are you... then I felt the back waist line of my leggings open up and she put the shower head down my leggings. I said "I knew it!" And she said "You sure did." Right after the words left her mouth I felt the warm fast flowing water go soaring through my leggings. This feeling was unbelievably amazing since the water didn‘t seep through the leggings. It was so arousing I ended up moaning uncontrollably. I look down at my foot and I started to see the boots filling up with water like a balloon would with helium. I started to pee a little and since Kelly knows my "oh my gosh it feels so waarrmm" face she said "hold it for now." I almost couldn‘t but did. Once that filled up I looked down and saw my waist being taped down by her because my leggings were filled to the brim. She then told me that I‘d get the same sensation in a bit. I then knew that‘s what the opening in the jacket was for

   A couple seconds later I was back to moaning like crazy. After the jacket filled up she pulled the faucet out and taped the openings of the jacket. She said "lay down in the tub." So I did and I peed letting it all out in just twenty minutes of drinking the water. She said " if you have to poo you can" so I did. This poo was unbelievably massive. Before taking me to the bed she weighed the extra weight added on by the poo with the water still in there and she saw that the poop alone ended up adding 16 pounds! She described the situation as the leggings being the toilet frame and the water being the toilet water.

   She helped me up and walked me to the bed with the clothing still being inflated as if it were an inflatable raft. She set me down on my back and asked me to sit up she said "since you‘ve pooped yourself and peed yourself ( keep in mind I took a very large crap that was really hard to get out of my clothes but it was worth it) you should have enough room for at least five bottles of water." She was right I actually had enough room for 6 bottles. A couple minutes later she realized if the clothes popped, everything in the room would be soaked so she moved me to my little sisters baby cradle. She then pulled up the barriers so that when I did pop the cradle would fill up like a fish tank and I could relax. She said that " I hope you could last long enough for the poop to basically dissolve in the water, because if you can‘t then what that means is when you do pop you‘ll be laying in a giant pile of crap. I had no chance of this as it would take all night for that process to complete. So I sucked it up and accepted the fact that I‘d have poop getting smeared all the way up my back and basically everywhere else. About 10 minutes later I was saying "I can’t hold it much longer." About thirty seconds later I said "oh no" and Kelly said "Pee until the water all flows out of your clothes and no longer!" I peed for two seconds and suddenly I heard and felt a big squish and it felt wonderful.

   After I washed the poop out of my skin, and surprisingly some unexpected places including all over my face, I asked Kelly " why do you still not want me to pee?" She said "here‘s your outfit." And winked. She handed me a pair of very light blue jeans a navy blue sequin tube top and black knee high boots. She said Angie, one of our other wetting friends, put two laxative pills in her lunch and that Kelly had held in a poop all day and could tell that if she let it out now... no toilet bowl could hold it. I said "And...?" She handed me a large bucket that went up past my knees (I‘m 5‘-9" tall) and said "If you can fill up this bucket with urine and make it over flow I will put on a latex body suit and take this dump in it and the sleep in my own crap." I said "and if I lose?" She replied " then you have to sleep in the cradle with my poop and your poop plus the urine in it, but if I poop before you‘ve completed filling or not filling the bucket or during me checking that you overflowed the bucket then me and you have to both sleep in the cradle but add even more urine to it. I said "why do I have to if you fail?" She said "because your not gonna fill the bucket" and started giggling.

   So we started. I was peeing strong and good in the bucket and she was wiggling her body around praying that she wouldn‘t fill that latex body suit. I said "done!" Not looking down but hoping the bucket overflowed just a little. But it wasn‘t good enough. She was checking and said "you almo..." She paused. She went to bend over to check for pee around the bucket but ended up filling the latex leggings so full that when she walked around it looked like fat was dangling off he skin. We took her weight and she ended up gaining 22 pounds do to that huge dump. We added my bucket of pee to that cradle and we wanted to have fun so she gave me a laxative pill and we drank two bottles of water each. I made it worse by making us both also eat two fiber one bars. We woke up peeing the bed at the same time. We were waiting to poop ourselves and she said "I like boys just like you but do you wanna try something?" I said "sure" and she said "You know we‘re I‘m going with this right." And I said "yeah." It was silent so I assumed I was gonna be the straddling one. We didn‘t go as far as sex but we were making out in our own urine and poop. I told her "this is a one time thing meaning I will never do that again." She replied "agreed." That night I actually fell asleep with my face rubbing against the only latex layer covering her boobs and still straddling her. We woke up with some much poo in her suit that she could sit on it like a been bag and my jeans became so full that the poop overflowed from the boots and from my waist line in those jeans.


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