Wetting stories

Millan's first accident

I have been interested in wetting for quite some time, been watching all kinds of sites on the Internet where girls wet themselves, and really enjoyed it a lot. I don‘t know how or when it started, I‘ve seen some girls showing signs of desperation every now and then when I‘m out, so I guess that‘s what triggered it for me. But I had never even considered doing it myself, until one lucky day when it just happened. (English is not my first language, I‘m sorry for any spelling mistakes or incorrect words that might appear in the text, but I hope you will get what I mean anyway.

Since this is my first story I‘m posting, I thought that I‘d start with trying to describe how I look - from my experience most people tend to want to know that so they can see things in their minds better!

I‘m a very tall girl, reaching a bit over 180 cm; I don‘t really like it. I wish I was a bit shorter, simply because I generally find shorter girls to be cuter. I‘m slim, around 60 kilos, which is mostly because I have some issue with my stomach, one of the effects is that I can hardly gain weight at all, which is both good and bad. I used to play handball for over 8 years before I quit, the reasons don‘t really matter, but I‘m very fit still, even though I hardly ever have time to workout these days. I have natural red hair, reaching down almost to my shoulders, but I‘ve colored it black, and to be honest I think I want to keep it that way. When it comes to curves and all that, I would say I‘m pretty blessed for being so thin in general! I can‘t judge myself and say if I‘m cute or not, but I would say I‘m pretty average all in all. I am 19 years old, turning 20 this summer. And now back to the story:

Both my parents and my little brother had gone away for 3 days on a trip, and it was the first time ever they would let me stay home on my own for longer than just over the day. I think they left on a Thursday evening, because I had to go to school for a few hours the day after. I woke up the next morning, sleeping naked as I always do, and I went straight for the shower without having a look at the clock at all. I tend to take really long showers, and this wasn‘t an exception. I popped out and sorted some stuff with make-up and all that, and then I went back to my room. I still don‘t know why I didn‘t use the toilet before I left the bathroom, but the consequences would be awesome later on! I picked some underwear and started to get dressed when I accidentally peeked at the clock standing next to my bed, it was 7:30. My bus left at 7:34, and if I missed it I would be about 30 minutes late. Panic!

I pulled on my underwear, a pair of pink hipster panties, jumped in a pair of light blue jeans, got my bra on and just grabbed a random top with a thicker sweater over it. (I don‘t really know what those are called, but I hope you get the point :P) I ran downstairs and grabbed yoghurt, those that you can drink, because I needed to have something in me at least. I had like 3 mouthfuls of water and then I left, running for the bus. When I was on it I realized what I had forgotten, and I started to feel it filling a bit already. I was pretty sure that I was going to be ok, as I only had to be in school for 2-3 hours, and I knew that I had made it out of worse situations than this one before. The toilets at that school were really not that nice, and I remember actually riding the bus home instead of using them at times when I couldn‘t wait.

I‘m always a bit excited when I have to pee, I like the pressure and I get a warm feeling in the lower part of my tummy from it; and the moves I do when I‘m trying to keep it in both feel and look pretty sexy. I did not know how much I liked doing these things at this time though, as I had never actually had an accident.

I thought about all the girls I had seen wet their pants on pictures and in videos and I wondered a bit how it would be like to try it out, as it obviously excited me and I had the house for myself when I would get home.

I‘ve always found real accidents to be way sexier than deliberate wettings, so I didn‘t want to just hold it in at school to get home and pee my panties in the shower or something. I wanted the real deal, an accident where I could not help it, and those happen best outdoors, it just seems more natural to not have anywhere to go than if I‘m in my house at a maximum distance of 10 meters to a toilet. (Now, later on, since I have experimented a bit I have found that if I drink normal amounts of water and wait for a really long time, the pressure will slowly make all the muscles I use to hold it in weaker, which is when I get to the point that I‘m just wetting myself even though I try to hold on - an accident! If I drink lots and get desperate right away, my muscles will still be strong, and it will hurt instead, until I pee myself that is. :)

I got off the bus and went to the classroom, I was not that desperate yet and I think no one could possibly guess anything about what I was planning. The day started with some really boring maths which I just slacked through listening to music, finishing what I was supposed to really fast and then I kept thinking about how I was going to pull this off. With my parents away I knew I could easily just wash my clothes and no one would ever know anything. I told the teacher that I would just go to the bathroom and be back in 5 minutes, but I didn‘t go there to pee. I had some more water to build up the pressure and to make me have to go earlier. My goal was to wet myself pretty soon after school ended, so I could have lots of time left after to play around and such if it was going to be as good as I hoped! I jammed my hand between my legs even though I still didn‘t have to go particularly bad at all; I just wanted to see how it felt. The same second that I did that I had a nice feeling going through my entire body, and my nipples went hard immediately. I couldn‘t help stroking myself a few times before I snapped out. I‘m usually pretty disciplined and I went back to class, which finished about 20 minutes later, and then we had a 15 minute break before our last class; 80 minutes of history.

It wasn‘t very hard to last through this lesson in the beginning, I just sat with my legs crossed and it was all going very smooth and perfect. I even went for some more water in the middle of the lesson; as I had only been drinking small amounts earlier there wasn‘t really much inside me, even though I forgot my morning pee. It did the trick, and towards the end of the class I felt the pressure starting to build up faster, the feeling in my stomach became stronger and nicer, and I clenched my legs tighter together, which also felt really great! I rocked a bit in my seat just to have it under full control. At the same time I kept getting more and more aroused from the desperation. When the class finally ended and I stood up, stretching my bladder out a little, it hurt a bit and I had to stop and cross my legs tighter for a while before I could leave. I walked normally towards the bus station at first, but the last part of the walk was baby steps. I started to get more desperate now, my nipples were harder than ever before and I got a bit wet in my panties, I‘m not sure if it was pee or something else! I was a bit scared that I wouldn‘t make it; I really didn‘t want to lose it in front of anyone, or be seen with wet pants at all. At the same time that it was freaking me out, it was adding to the excitement as well. I got lucky and timed the bus almost perfectly, and since I had left early it was almost empty, and I took a seat in the back corner. No one else was sitting within a few rows of seats so I jammed my hands between my legs to help the pressure. It just felt better and better every second, and all I could think about was a certain movie I had seen where a girl had been holding it for an entire day. When she finally wet herself she almost came in her pants at the same time. I was really hoping that I could get to that excitement level now that I had the house to myself; it‘s usually a bit hard for me to get some time alone.

Nothing interesting happened during the ride except for me getting more and more desperate, getting into a real panic-state near the end of the ride. There is a bump just before my bus stop, and I always have to stand up pretty much at the same time as the bus goes over the bump to get off, or they might not stop at all.

So I did the usual thing, I stood up, and felt the same thing as when I stood up after my lesson, being extra hard to hold on due to the bladder being stretched, and then we went over the bump, of course faster than normal. I felt some dampness immediately, quickly grabbed with both hands and almost fell over, let one hand go and grabbed a seat to stand up, bit my lip and managed to stop it. When I stepped off the bus I felt that my hand was a bit wet, like a drop or so. I tried to walk as normally as possible away from the bus stop, and as soon as the bus was out of sight and I felt pretty much back in control again I had a look at "the damage". It looked like just a tiny little spot what I could see, but when I felt below my ass it was a little bit more, but still just very little. It felt really sexy, and I could only imagine how my panties looked, they just had to be even wetter!

At this time I was starting to get so horny from all that was going on that I was not thinking very clearly, but at least I kept on walking. I had to pass a day care centre or whatever it‘s called, where you dump kids during the day while you go to work. I went past it as fast as I could, starting to leak a bit more as I did, knowing that I was really close to reaching my limit. I had this horrible feeling going through me that if I lost it now, all the kids would see, as well as a few of the people working there, and probably some more people from the windows of the houses that I had to walk past to get to mine. It just couldn‘t happen now! I had to give up walking normally and go back to taking baby steps with one hand between my legs, even though that spot was pretty wet anyhow by now. When I had passed and was out of their sight, there were like 5 or 6 more houses to get by and then I would be home. I felt another spurt though, a bigger one, and my hand was now really wet. The crotch area of my jeans was soaked, but it had not spread further down than that yet, it was still almost impossible to see if I covered it up in the front. I stopped and squeezed my legs together, jamming my hands in between them harder than ever to stop the flow from forcing its way out of me. I had it under control after like 3 seconds but then was starting to panic even more until I thought my heart would beat out of my chest from the fear of being seen. I was actually doing it, and in no time I would completely soak myself, and I just knew it was going to be just as great, if not better, than all the things I had seen in videos. Then I remembered where I was, and started moving again. I looked around, and as far as I could tell no one was home at that time, and I heard nothing, so it should have been completely safe even if I wet myself right there on the street, but I still had the feeling someone would see me anyway, So I tried to hold on until I managed to get to the last house, and about one meter from where the path to my house starts I had a major leak.

I enjoyed that one so much, it made me moan a bit and then I stopped it. I felt it dripping a bit below my ass and there was still some running down my legs. I spread them and looked, I was wet down to my knees! And in the back it was like, the lower half off my ass completely soaked, then kind of a line straight down, bending inwards a bit so it was almost at the inside of my legs at the back of my knees. My pussy was completely soaked and it was tingling from how horny I was! I made a run for the door, where I stopped with both hands between my legs again, stepping on the spot- it was so impossible to hold it back now- and I also needed one hand to get my keys out of my pocket. When I took one hand away from my crotch, I felt a small stream start, and knowing I had lost the battle I let the other one go as well, and so the flood started. I stood there at my own doorstep, completely soaking my favourite panties, my jeans, my socks and my shoes, and it was the best thing I had ever done in my entire life! That hand never went for my pocket to find the key, but it went for my breasts, starting to massage them slowly, as I pissed my pants for what seemed like forever.

The other hand went in my pants, on the outside of my panties, where I just barely touched myself for a millisecond, but it was enough.

The stream was ending and I came like crazy, I was higher than cloud nine, my entire body shaking as I totally exhausted myself. I sat down next to my puddle for a while until I regained enough strength to stand up, find my keys and head inside. I was feeling so naughty, but scared to death that someone had seen me, but I felt scared and horrible in a kind of good way. I went for the shower again with all my clothes still on, and what happened after that is not for your eyes!


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