Wetting stories

English class urination

So I guess I should start with the first day I discovered the feeling of wetting myself. This was an anoying day. I just transferred to a new highschool and in my sophomore year I was really shy. This led to some other girls poking some fun at me. I woke up this morning and I decided to wear a nice outfit since it had been a friday. I put on a pink braw and pair of panties and I walked over to my closet thinking about my outfit. During this brief period I realized I may have had one to many fiber one bars the night before and I actually ended up farting a lot this day consequently enough. I left the house and got in the car with my mother. She knows I have bladder problems so she‘ll keep a diaper in her purse in case things get a little to wet or a little to squishy. She dropped me off at school and asked "I noticed you‘ve been farting a bit, do you want the diaper?" and pulled out a diaper with Cinderella on it. I told her "Mom, first of all that‘s a baby diaper and second of all I‘m not gonna poop myself." she laughed and said "Yeah sure, my daughter, Jessamine, won‘t have an accident on a nerve racking day." and drove away. Being a stubborn teenage girl, I thought nothing of it, but in hind sight I made a big mistake and I way gonna pay for that.

   It was first period and normally the bathroom doors are locked until lunch time. As well as this first period was when I had P.E. That day was an unsupervised period, so people could really do what they want. In the locker room I took a really long time to change out because I ended up wearing black tights, thigh high boots, a pencil skirt, tube top, and a short trench coat. It was winter and I‘m a very girly girl so naturally I thought, "Ooo yay it‘s winter so I can wear tights and leather leggings!" While i was changing out in the locker rooms a group of 6 girls approached me. They said "So do you have a diaper on under that skirt princess?" They all laughed and I said "Were would you get that idea?" They replied "We saw your mom give you a diaper at the student parking lot." I told them over and over again that my mom was just thinking about my best interests and even then I didn‘t even wear it but they just continued to bug me until everyone else was out of the locker room. When everybody cleared out I saw two of them start to look around at which point they eventually said "That‘s it, everyone‘s gone." All 6 of them mobbed me and dragged me over to the showers. I‘m not that strong so I just tried to talk with them but they weren‘t gonna listen. They put me into the shower on my back and held me down. The leader, I presume, said "give me the shower head." I asked "Are you gonna drown me!?" They said almost harmoniously, "No we‘re gonna make something a little more embarrassing happen." and they all giggled. They started the shower up and made me start to drink the water. I thought to myself "They‘re gonna make me per my pants, I just know it." I sat there with the shower head almost in my mouth and one of them asked "Do know what we‘re doing to you?" I said "I have a hunch." Another one popped her head out from behind the group and said "If you don‘t know already, we have all six periods with you so since you‘re stuck with us... well..." another one butted in "We‘re gonna force you to pee your pants!" They all laughed and the leader put the shower head back up. Miraculously and unfortunately, all the water landed around my lips, not smearing my making and not soiling my clothes. I had no evidence to confront and adult with.

   After first period it was math. They followed right behind me as if I were apart of their group. They surrounded me when I sat down. This put them at a favorable position. I thought to myself "Ill just ask the teacher to give me the adult bathrooms key." but she was absolutely oblivious throughout the whole period to my hand being up in the air. I decided I‘d get up and ask her but as soon as I lifted my butt out of the chair, all six of them out their hands on my shoulders and forced me back down into my seat which made me actually pee a little but it was not anything noticeable.

   About two hours later I was in English class. They sat in the same positions around me as they did in math. I was squirming by this point and they were all giggling. Once again I tried getting up but was forced back into my seat. Unfortunately, my English teacher was also oblivious to my hand waving up in the air. The leader, sat to my left said "Jessamine except it and wet your pants already. You‘re not gonna make it princess." I said "No, it‘s not sanitary and my crush is in this class." Keep in mind during this time I was still farting. They are silent but still going. I decided to get back up one more time and push my hardest. I got up, felt the hands on my shoulders but kept pushing. The pressure got to heavy for me though I got forced back down harder than ever but this time, I farted... And it was LOUD. Everyone started laughing while my crush looked over at me in disgust. His face sent me into a burst of tears. They were flowing down my cheecks and I was so engulfed in my emotions my bladder let go. Everybody saw the pee collecting in my seat and in a puddle under my chair and they laughed even harder. I ran to the nurses office in a fit of tears. My mom picked me up early and said "You know my policy." and handed me a diaper. I said "Mom please. Maddy pees more than me!" Maddy is my sister and she is obsessed with wetting herself. Every time she did that though my mother would take her out of school for a week and made her act as if she were a baby. My mother would dress her up in a princess too too with white tights and slippers (She either got dressed up as Cinderella or sleeping beauty). She gave her a binky and diapers and even a crib. I was now in my sister‘s place. Pooping and peeing diapers in a soiled Cinderella costume.


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