Wetting stories

The camouflaged wetting

When I had finished cleaning up after my first accident, I was still pretty confused... I mean, I‘m not supposed to wet my pants when I‘m almost 20 years, how could such an odd thing be the best turn-on ever? I still haven‘t figured that one out, but I stopped bothering. It‘s the best feeling ever, I don‘t care if I can‘t explain it as long as I love it!

Anyway, I had two full days alone still, and it‘s not often I get the opportunity to be alone like this. Also, with school over for the week and no particular homework I needed to care about, I had nothing to do for those two days; everything was perfect for some more experiments with holding and wetting, even though I would have to be a bit sneakier at some point.

First I thought about just drinking pretty much of whatever I had at home and then wet myself in the shower when I couldn‘t hold on anymore, I wouldn‘t have to clean anything up if I kept my accidents in there. But then again it was a certain thrill when it had happened outside earlier, and I wanted to do that again. I wanted it planned so that no one could discover me, but still un-planned, because those few clips on the web that actually manage to have it look like a real accident are so much better than the one where you can obviously tell everything is faked. It would most likely end up way better if I could manage that. My goal this time was to plan it so that it would be an accident. Making a planned accident feel "real" would obviously be hard, but if the plan is detailed enough, it might just work, and it‘s the only safe way to pull them off, I‘m still so terrified to be seen. I needed some time to think about something that could work, and I also needed to drink something so that I would have to pee.

I sat down on the sofa and watched some crap on the TV while I started with a cup of tea and a glass of juice, which I slowly emptied more and more, over an hour or something like that. I can generally hold pretty much, so just two glasses slowly slipping into me wouldn‘t do any harm for quite a while.

I didn‘t really look at the TV at all, I was thinking about a nice location to wet instead. In my neighbourhood there are quite a lot of houses, but I‘m lucky enough to live close to the edge of the area. There‘s a road going between two rows of houses, one way leads to the bus station, which is like five minutes away, and the other passes the two last houses and then it comes to a large, open field. To the left, a few hundred meters away is a school for the youngest kids, and if you go right there‘s only forest after a few minutes of walking.

I usually go for walks that way, follow the road around the field, then you can either enter the forest on one of the tiny little paths that go there, or follow the road through it and get back to civilization on the other end. Whatever of the forest-paths you take, it‘s very easy to get out of sight and the forest-areas are large in all directions. It‘s also very easy to hide, which I remember since I was a kid.

I had a plan finally. But I didn‘t need to go yet, and I didn‘t want to rush things. I was trying to come up with as many different ideas as possible for the rest of the weekend, different places where I could wet myself, different clothes to wear, different causes of wetting, like just waiting too long or deliberately letting it go. I wanted to get tickled until I wet myself to try that, and also get so scared I wet my pants, just everything! Also different positions to be in when it happened, like sitting, standing, lying down...I wanted to test it all to find out if anything could make it even better, or if it was just best to do it in a new way every time. (Any tips are welcome regarding this ;) I had a glass of water and went to the store to buy some cola, I hate coffee but I wanted to stay awake as long as possible, I had plans for the night as well.

It takes me around five minutes to get to the store, I got myself a few cans of cola and some candy for a snack. Then I went for a 30 minutes walk or so to let the liquid do its job with my bladder, before I headed back home to prepare for my first idea.

Since my bladder had already been tortured earlier today, it was a bit weak and would not be able to hold on that long again.

If you have wet yourself several times in one day you know what it‘s like. I was already starting to feel the pressure now because of that, so I went up to my room to get dressed for my plan. I stripped down so I was completely naked, opened my closet, crossed my legs and started to look around. I knew exactly what I was going to wear; the only thing that took some time to pick was the panties. I still enjoyed seeing what a mess I made when I wet myself, so I didn‘t want them to me black or white, but some colour that would definitely show it. I found a pair of blue ones that were of the same model as the ones I had earlier, tight hipster-panties. I separated my legs so I could get them on, and quickly crossed them again when I had the panties on; the pressure was growing rapidly in my weakened bladder and I knew I had to hurry to make it out in time. I pulled some black pantyhose on, the thicker version of them that you wear when it‘s cold, I figured it would be something more to wet in rather than just normal thin ones. Then I pulled a black mini-skirt over them, it was really a mini-skirt- barely covering my ass and the front part of my thighs when bending forward. I put on a bra and a black t-shirt, and went to check the temperature outside. It was only around 10 degrees, so I put a black sweater on as well to not get cold. I took my purse with me so I could bring a bottle of water, and my keys. I picked a pair of low, plastic-material shoes that were also black, stepped outside and locked the door.

I had made myself a camouflage-wetting kit!

By wearing everything black I was hoping that I could wet myself (in the forest this time, hopefully more daring spots in the future) without being seen. Of course I would be alone when the accident happened, but I had to get back to my house afterwards, and I didn‘t want to get seen all wet then...

I walked down the road, with my legs tight together, for like 50 meters until it first split in two, where I followed the right path for a few hundred meters until the end of the field. Some kids where playing football there, I hoped they would be back in for class when I would be coming back the same road, completely soaked from the accident I was about to have. I really loved the thought that it would only be a few minutes until my bladder would give up on me and there would be warm, wet liquid forcing its way out of me, caressing my legs and soaking my pantyhose. My nipples were rock hard again; I smiled for myself, opened my purse and had a few mouthfuls of water to make things "worse"!

I was walking with my legs pressed as tightly together as I could; there was no way I could hold myself with my hand when there were kids around. The road split up again, to the left I would get back around the field again, to the right I could continue walking through the forest, and straight ahead I would get into the forest on a way smaller path, and be out of sight pretty soon. I stopped and thought a bit, if I headed right there would be better spots later on, but it would be a few minutes longer walk. A huge pressure wave hit my bladder right then, and I was about to pee myself on the spot. I quickly jammed my hands between my legs and pressed them together, couldn‘t help moaning a bit as I had that awesome feeling again; about to loose the only battle I always want to loose. Even though it hurt a bit to hold it in like I did, it was more rewarding than it hurt. I looked back over my shoulder to make sure no one had seen me, and I think no one did, I will never be sure of that though. I stood up straight again, had two more mouths of water and started walking slowly into the forest. It was starting to get difficult to walk again, and I had to stop and bend over, holding myself with both hands again after just a few meters. With a bladder that was weak from earlier today, it was now building up much faster than I had planned, and I knew that my holding muscles were really weak as well.

I had planned to get to my spot a bit before I actually wet myself, but now I was starting to become unsure I would make it in time. From my current spot there would be like 10-15 more steps until I would be completely out of sight from the road, but I wanted to be a bit surer than that. I was planning to walk another four, maybe five minutes or so, then I could go to the right, up on a tiny hill next to a mountain; the trees cleared there so the sun would shine down a bit more than it did in the rest of the forest, but there were still a lot of bushes around for cover. It‘s a pretty nice spot to just chill in the sun. (or wet your pants, if you‘re as desperate as I was!)

I was getting really horny again, and I knew it would be difficult to get to my spot. I wanted to give in and caress myself all over, but I would loose the battle to early then; if I made it to my spot it would be both better and safer. It hurt so much I had a tear in my eye, sniffed a bit as I was about to start crying, I jammed one hand in really tight between my legs and ran as fast as I could to get to the spot. I can assure you it wasn‘t very fast due to the condition of my bladder! It also hurt more when I ran, and I actually felt a few tears running down my cheek. That made the whole thing better actually, as it felt more real like that; like I really didn‘t want to wet my pants, trying my hardest to find a spot to let it out, but I wouldn‘t make it. A real accident...

I got to the spot where I was going to the right, and then there are only 10 steps or something to the hill, when I had to stop again. I had to bend over, jam my hand in tight between my legs, which were crossed with the left one over the right, but it wasn‘t enough. I felt a few drops escape into my panties, and I squeezed all I could to make it stop, which I managed to after a short while. There was one drop making it way down my left leg on the outside of my pantyhose, disappearing when it was close to my knee. I was breathing really fast as I lifted my skirt with one hand, still holding myself with the other, to see the "damage". My panties were pretty wet, and obviously also the crotch area of my pantyhose, I could feel it but it was hard to see, just as my plan intended. I moaned again as the pressure turned really high, it wasn‘t going to be long now. I dropped my purse off behind a bush and readed for the spot, taking tiny baby steps as I tried to find the most covered area to stand in, also looking for a place were the ground was rock, so I could see the puddle. I like it a lot when I can see the accident itself, I would obviously see it running down my legs as I lost it, but wearing all black, the puddle would be the proof to me that I really did wet myself. I really wanted to let one of my hands go wild on my breasts as I did when I wet myself earlier the same day, but I forced myself not to; I needed both hands to hang on until I couldn‘t help it anymore. Having both my hands over my pussy it was impossible to not touch it, but I tried my best to focus on holding on as long as possible.

Two steps away from the spot I wanted to get to, I lost it. Warm pee started slowly leaking out of me, as I moaned a quiet "No!" But I knew the fight was lost. I tried to hold on as long as it was just coming slowly, but as the flow increased rapidly I just jumped to the rock, to make sure my puddle would be visible. I released my hands from my crotch; they were already soaked in pee, still standing with my legs tightly together. I was now peeing at full force, leaning my head a bit forward and pushing my breasts in a bit to get the best possible view of the accident. The wetness spread rapidly down my legs, my pantyhose were soaked in a matter of a few seconds, after that the wet area just became wider and wider as the force increased.

Oh, how I loved that warm wetness cascading down my legs, caressing them just the way I wanted to be caressed, making everything so warm and nice! Oh, how I loved the sexual excitement, the feeling through my entire body, when I had been holding on for a long time and just couldn‘t make it any longer. My bladder giving in, the warm liquid forcing out of my pussy taking me to excitement levels higher than I thought was ever possible!

At the top in the front, I was wet like one or two centimetres above my pussy, then the wet area went out to both sides a bit past the middle of my thighs, then bending in like sort of a half-circle, and then it went like a diagonal line, from being really wide at top to just being wet on the inside of my legs at the bottom. I was still peeing myself at full force as I lifted my skirt on the back instead to check out what happened back there! My ass was wet about half-way up, the wet spot still growing higher since I was peeing so hard, and then it made kind of the same marks as in the front, except for the whole thing being a lot wider on the back, basically the entire backside of my legs were soaked down to my knees, were it started to bend inwards. My shoes were full of piss as well, even though I didn‘t like that part of it, but for now it just felt like warm water, and I liked the heat. I was making a huge puddle around my feet, which disappeared a little into the grass from being too big. The flow finally started to weaken after what seemed like forever, and still having at least one hand, sometimes two, over my breasts and rock-hard nipples, I gave them what they desired. It was the first time I came without touching myself "down there" at all, and it was, again, the best I had ever done!

At the earlier wetting I just had to poke my clit a little, but that wasn‘t even needed now. The desperation and the wetting itself had been so close to a real accident, I was horny enough to come anyway, and no "work" was needed. When coming like that, ten times the pleasure heaven can ever offer, I get totally exhausted. Again I sat down next to my puddle, breathing heavily and shaking like crazy; I wouldn‘t be able to move for over five minutes. As I sat there in my own little heaven, waiting to be able to get home again, I peed a little every now and then, there was still some left inside, and keeping the crotch area burning hot while the rest of the wetness was starting to cool off made it possible to be able to sit there for ever, just wet myself over and over, even though it was cold and starting to get a bit nasty. After a while I could stand up, I went to get my purse, peed another little spurt in my panties, and I started to move out. I stopped a bit in the forest to let my pantyhose dry off a little, and I also poured out what was in my shoes. If I would come out soaking wet with my pantyhose still dripping, people would definitely know what had happened. If my shoes left a wet mark and made a wet sound with every step, it would also be obvious. I had to dry a bit, which meant I had to stop letting those small spurts out all the time. To pass time in the most enjoyable way, I headed back to the spot, sat down on a dry rock with my legs spread to dry faster in the sun, and started massaging my breasts and my pussy. I was already completely soaked, so it didn‘t matter if I enjoyed everything to the fullest and came a few more times, as long as I didn‘t pee myself again until I was home.

Luckily enough no one else walked that forest path that way, I can assure you I was really scared of someone coming, I was listening all the time, and every little sound scared me. I looked around every now and then, some people probably passed on the "main road," but no one came in. My heart was beating fast from fear, I was sitting in the forest, and I had wet myself, and someone could easily see me if they just went in here. I was ready to hide at all times. I had an awesome time there though. I think I came three or four times before I was ready to head home, it was starting to get dark outside as well, so I had some cover to get back with. I met a jogger on the way back, he ran right passed me as I tried to walk normally in my semi-dried, but still wet, pantyhose and shoes. I smiled at him as he passed, and I think he was looking at my breasts. Those nipples probably showed themselves through, but I was happy he looked there rather than "downstairs"!

When he had passed me I still felt eyes on me, so I looked over my shoulder, and he was checking me out from behind too. I was so scared he would see that I was wet, now that I was on the normal road again the lights were on, and I was about to walk into one. In my fear I lost it again, and peed a few more drops. I felt it running on the inside of my legs and I speeded up a bit trying to get away. I still hope he didn‘t see me, but my ass and thighs were getting warm again, so there‘s still a chance that he might‘ve seen that tiny stream soak my ass and upper parts of the back of my thighs. When he was out of sight I thought it was kind of funny, but hopefully I would never see that guy again!

The fear of being seen had turned me on again, but it also made me shaky, so it was hard to walk straight to my house, but I was really close now and got there without any further problems.

With my bladder now really weakened, standing in the shower I started to plan the rest of the evening. The major wettings, like this and the first one, made it necessary to let my bladder rest until the next day. If I wet myself more today I would weaken it further, and that would probably lead to a bed wetting as well, something I wasn‘t sure how I would pull off...yet.


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