Wetting stories

The Garden

The humidity was up around 100% and even the breeze from the lake near my home was not keeping me cool. I was downing water like a desert dweller and sweating it out faster than I could drink it but the lawn needed mowing and the weeds needed whacking and I promised myself to get it done today. Some of my neighbors had a similar idea and the smells of newly mowed grass and wild onions made the hard work worth it.

After 2 hours of work and almost a gallon of water, I had to pee like mad and headed tentatively towards the house just as my neighbor, Randy, came to talk to me. Standing there in the heat, I could feel the pressure building in my bladder but Randy just kept on talking. I was nodding my head, not hearing a word he was saying, as I tried to nonchalantly keep my legs pressed together. I had on light blue shorts and light blue panties and I knew if anything slipped out there would be no explaining it away.

After about 10 minutes I finally told Randy that I had to make a phone call and would see him later, but as I turned to walk away a bit of piss escaped into my shorts and I had to stop. He asked if I was okay and I said yes but didn‘t want to start walking again until I had my piss under control. After a minute or so I thought I could handle it and I took another step, knowing all the while that Randy was watching me.

Again, a slosh of piss escaped and by this time I could tell my panties were wet and probably my shorts too. Another step, hurriedly this time, and a waterfall of piss cascaded down my legs, soaking the back of my shorts. I turned to look at Randy and he was just watching me, smiling a big smile. By this time it was too late to stop anyway so I just stood in front of him and let loose. Piss was pooling in the crotch of my panties and when I pressed my legs together it gushed out in the front, down my legs and into my socks and tennis shoes. I looked down laughing, an embarrassed grin on my face, until the river slowed to a stream and I could sigh with relief. I looked up sheepishly but Randy said, "Don‘t be embarrassed, I like that too," and right then his wife called from across the street so he blew me a little kiss and, with a wink, headed for home.


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