Wetting stories

Kate and Ian wet picnic

When they left the pub, they drove to a secluded picnic spot that they knew well. parking the car, then spreading a travelling rug before stretching out on the grass protected from any onlooker by a clump of bushes. Katie lay on the rug in the sun by Ian’s side. Her long brown legs lay apart. Ian’s finger tips, traced teasingly up her insides of her thighs. Caressing her lower belly over the fabric of her white cut off jeans.

Katie having drunk three pints of cider in the pub a brief time ago, and having deliberately refrained from going to the toilet, was by now conscious of a crucial need to pee, she was also on the verge of coming, as a consequence of Ian’s ministrations. His finger gently tracing a path around her nether lips, so that her panty crotch was damp with trickled pee, her sex juices bubbled in proliferation soaking through her panties, contributing to a wet patch that was developing round the crotch and bum of her white cut offs.

Repeatedly she had to bring her legs together in order to maintain a quantity of control then by squeezing her cunt muscles. Yet when ready she would be happy to relinquish self-control in this way, teased until she was at the very edge, indeed right at the verge of release. The excitement was enhanced by the irresistible desire to come and pee, so that one release would trigger a subsequent one, or cause both to take her simultaneously. She wallowed in the freedom of being able to pee in her panties as she squirmed in exquisite agony, she could sense that her approaching orgasm, was about too produced the most physically gratifying sensation she had ever encountered.

His fingers where now up the leg off her shorts and panties probing her cunt and sending out exquisite sensations through her whole body to her very finger tips and toes.

Suddenly he withdrew his hand, the frustration was so acute, that she instinctively replaced her fingers for his, to continue the stimulation while he removed his trousers, she whispered in his ear "please fuck me, make me come, make me pee, I can‘t wait any more" the sensation was wonderful, The silk and denim tickled her cunt as Ian’s prick, replaced his fingers, with the tip of his cock.

Engorged with waiting, that silken cock pushed up and down, she sobbed in ecstasy, "fuuuccckkk Oh! Bloody hell I going to come, I am going to piss I want it, I want it, do it, “she wrapped her legs round Ian’s waist pulling him into her, using her cunt muscles to embrace his cock. Ian his balls tantalised by the threadbare fringe of the cut off jeans and the wet silky panties beneath ,his prick bathed by the piss-soaked pad, (Katie was at the end off her monthly), and although there was no blood the pad was soaked in piss.

Now being clutched by her cunt he began to ram his cock in to this tantalising girl, woman, bitch in heat, prick hungry woman, in slow thrusts from tip to balls, stimulating her clit and "g" spot successively, Slowly they fought to a plateau of fusion, She pressed against his belly as her release came and as he shot wads of thick come in to her. In the core of her orgasm she started to wee, at first slowly, then as the waves of intense pleasure built up, first in short spurts, then a heavy flow, soaking Ian’s prick and legs before being soaked up by the ground.

Their bodies bucked and stretched with the intensity of delightful passion, and as he delivered the last of deep thrusts, so she peed with an intensity that matched each thrust. Her hot mouth on his screaming vulgarities till the last spasm of pleasure was rung from their coupling pissy fuck. They remained locked together for some time, his cock embedded inside her until tranquilly replaced tumult.

"That was so good "she said later. She had turned on to her tummy and was leaning over him looking directly in to his eyes. I reckon that every time I need a pee that bad I will want to frig myself, honest I don‘t think I will be able to resist doing it,"

"Even if you needed to go that badly and you where in a public place?" he teased. "Yes that could be awkward but it might be all that much better and exciting because of the chance of someone seeing". Ian felt a wave of excitement at the thought, but said" you have still got to walk back to the car, and anyone who seeing us will know you has wet your self. You had better take off your shorts and panties and let them dry in the sun" Katie rolled on to her back lifting her bottom so Ian could pull them over her thighs and down her legs, then spreading them out to dry, leaving her bare from the waist down. They lay dozing in the sun for an hour or so, till they began to fell the need of one another once again.


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