Wetting stories

Dying to piss at the radio station

During last summer I went to a radio station in Suffolk to sit in on a two hour live show (a regular thing). I was wearing a short black skirt.

I felt the need to go for a pee before I got in there, but I‘d have missed the start of the program if I had gone because the nearest toilets seemed to be a half a mile away! So I thought I‘d just wait. When I got inside the DJ gave me a very large drink of coke and because it was very hot and I was thirsty, I took it and drank it - I really regretted that over the next two hours or so! After about the first half an hour I really needed to go very badly but I couldn‘t say anything because I didn‘t know where ‘they‘ were (so many doors in that place) and I knew he couldn‘t leave his desk and microphone, so I thought I‘d just have to wait, but oh was I desperate to go.

I didn‘t want him to know because I was embarrassed and we know a lot of the same people, so I just sat there gritting my teeth and I was willing that clock on the wall to go round faster as I was getting more and more desperate to pee. I felt my bladder would burst, I really thought the program would never end, but at very long last it did, but I couldn‘t leave right away because he had to go upstairs to put the songs he‘d played into the computer and as most of the records were mine he‘d borrowed, I had to go with him - oh, climbing stairs when you‘re really, really desperate to go is a real nightmare, but I made sure he went in front of me so that I could hold myself getting up there because it was taking every ounce of willpower I had to hold on by now, I was ever so desperate.

Well, we get into the computer room and he starts logging the music and chattering on to me about local bands we both know etc, but I found it very hard to concentrate on what he was saying I just mumbled ‘yes‘ and ‘no‘ in what I hoped were the right places, well finally he‘s finished it and gives me my records back and says he‘ll take me to the door, (thank goodness, I think). Again, I make sure he‘s walking in front of me getting down those darn stairs because if I didn‘t hold myself, I‘m pretty sure I‘d have wet my pants! Well I get outside and with a great deal of difficulty, I start making my way to the other side of town where the nearest toilets are and oh boy, is it difficult to walk and I had to keep stopping and frantically crossing my legs, oh!

I finally got to the ladies and inside I hurry and then I thought to myself, ‘oh what the hell, I‘ve been desperately holding on all morning, I think I deserve some piss fun!‘ So I just took my hand away, opened my legs and peed right there on the floor, I didn‘t hear the two women that come in behind me, they were watching me, but I didn‘t care and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Debra xx



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