Wetting stories

Coach Trip. Dying for a piss on a bus ride to Norwich

I hope this pissing experience thrills you half as much as it thrilled me to remember it and type it up for you.
It was the July of 1997 and I was travelling by coach from Essex to Norwich, it was with people I worked with and socialized with so having a peeing accident really was the LAST thing on my mind, also the type of people they were they‘d have been most horrified if I had "showed them up" by having an accident and I doubt that they would have even let me off the coach at Norwich, so I made sure I went for a wee just before I left the house.

I was wearing a knee length black skirt, a white top, black tights, a pale green silky pair of panties and I had my jacket with me.
Although I‘d only had two mugs of tea at breakfast time, I must‘ve had a bit too much orange juice the day before because it had been warm, I began to feel the first twinges in my bladder before we‘d even got going really, it took a long time to "get on the road" because we had to keep stopping to pick people up, within half an hour of been on the motorway I began to feel the need rather urgently, I hoped and prayed it wouldn‘t get much worse.

I tried to distract myself by reading magazines, but my need was increasing fast and I couldn‘t ignore it, I really began to worry now it was a fair old way to Norwich and we were barely out of Essex, I was getting VERY desperate VERY fast, I was far too shy to ask the driver to stop and besides I knew it would‘ve been frowned on by the rest of the party so I knew I had no choice really but to just wait, although I did have real doubts if I could or not, the waves of desperation were getting stronger and more urgent as my bladder was filling up rather rapidly.
I was fidgeting a rather lot and I was getting a mixture of disapproving and sympathetic looks from people around me, but I knew wetting myself on the coach was not an option in this case, I remember thinking I‘d give anything not to have been in this situation right now and I actually had to fight to keep from crying - I was really bursting.

I placed my jacket over my lap and frantically held myself hard which gave me sweet relief for a short time, I was having to sit right on the edge of my seat so as I could hold myself harder.
It was agony, but I knew I simply had no choice really. I was crossing and uncrossing my legs the whole time, it was the worst I‘d ever been! To this day I really don‘t know how I managed to hold it, I really don‘t, I was bursting so much I thought my bladder would explode!
I knew the place we were going to and the coach park was about 200 yards apart and I desperately wished the driver would let us off outside the stadium, but now we drove into the coach park and parked up, every second felt like hours now, so close but still so far away.

Well, when the coach stopped I stood up hoping to be the first off, but as I stood up I felt a warm trickle run down my legs, so I quickly sat down again in tears, how could I get off this coach without making a spectacle of myself? I was anxious and more desperate than I‘ve ever remembered being in my whole life before. When everyone else had got off, I carefully (and awkwardly) hobbled off with great difficulty, my jacket and briefcase carefully positioned to hide my frantic holding which I had no choice but to do at this point, walking only seemed to make it ten times worse! My anxiety must‘ve shown even though I was trying hard to act normal, I guess I wasn‘t doing a good job of it because so many people asked me if I was alright, people from other coaches whom I didn‘t even know. I‘m ashamed to admit that I totally ignored them. I was using every ounce of energy just to keep myself from wetting myself, every few steps I had to keep stopping and cross my legs as trickles of wee escaped and made it past my hand and trickled down my legs, but I simply could not have an accident here, I simply couldn‘t, I had to make it. Eventually I got to the toilets and predictably there was a bit of a long queue as cars and coaches had come in from many places, I joined the queue but it must‘ve been very obvious how desperate I was because they more or less forced me to the front of the queue and I was continually asked if I was alright. I was never so thankful to see a toilet any other time in my whole life than I was at that moment, my panties were quite wet but my skirt, although a little bit wet, hardly noticed at all.

I sat on that lovely welcome toilet and yes I SAT and not hovered.

Once I got my piss started, it poured and poured from me for at least a minute. I just sat there getting the blessed relief I had been craving for the last two hours, it was beautiful! Debra xx



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