Wetting stories

The Presentation

I had been invited to represent my company at a presentation evening being held by one of our suppliers. It was to consist of a short talk followed by drinks and a finger buffet with a chance to talk with staff from the host firm. I was not really in the mood for going but I went home early to shower and dress. I laid out my favourite black cocktail dress, high heeled shoes and underwear, stripped off and stepped into the shower. I don’t know what it is about having a shower but as the hot water flows all over my naked body I always begin to feel horny. As I spread the lather from my shower gel over my breasts I could feel that familiar tingling feeling and began squeezing and caressing them and pulling and tweaking my stiffening nipples. I moved one hand down to my pussy and was soon spreading the lather between my lips then rubbing my clitoris until it was swollen and throbbing for more attention. I delved two fingers deep inside myself and could feel my juices starting to form. I dearly wanted to stay there and bring myself off but I knew time was running short so I stopped what I was doing, promising myself satisfaction later that night. As always, the sound and feel of the running water made me want to pee so I pulled my pussy lips wide apart and forced my stream of hot yellow piss hard against the glass doors and watched as it ran down to the floor of the shower and mingled with the soapy water. Finished, I rinsed off and stepped out to towel myself dry. After drying my hair and making myself presentable, I was about to get dressed but hesitated. Something made me decide to be daring and not put on any underwear. I had worn this dress without undies before so I knew I could get away with it. Slipping the tight black dress over my naked body made me feel really sexy and I was sorry my partner was not at home for a quickie. I would have fucked him silly.

I arrived on time for the presentation which was typically polished and boring. They could have just presented the facts without all the usual buzz words and flannel. The next part was much more relaxed and as the wine started flowing, everyone began to mix well. I was standing near the buffet and chatting to this 30 something company rep called Dan thinking he was a bit of a ‘jack-the-lad’ and fancied himself rotten. However he had a great sense of humour and within about half an hour or so and many glasses of wine, we were to joking and flirting outrageously. As time went on I began to fancy him strongly and knew the feeling was mutual. We moved back to the table for a few more nibbles and as he stretched across me to get something I could feel his leg pressed against my thigh. He apologised but instead of me moving away, I half turned and pressed back against him. I was positive I could feel the bulge of his cock pressing against me. Our eyes met and we gazed in that knowing way at each other for what seemed like minutes. I started to flush and tingle with excitement and knew I wanted him there and then.

I was very familiar with the office building as I had visited it on many occasions. I leaned over to Dan and whispered to him to make his way to the men’s room but instead to go through the door opposite onto the stairway and up to the next landing. I would meet him there in a couple of minutes. He disappeared and I followed quickly but discretely after him. I made my way to the landing and without a word we were kissing hard and urgently. His hands grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled me close and tight against him. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me as our tongues entwined. His hands went to the side of my thighs and he raised the hem of my skirt and his fingers found my bare pussy as we broke slightly apart and looked at each other without a word having been said. This was too much and I had to have his cock in my hand so I undid his trousers and eased them down only to find he was also ‘commando’. Wonderful. His throbbing shaft was already oozing pre-cum as I wanked it gently while he expertly fingered my pussy. I was close to coming already so I pulled away and dropped to my knees and took his gleaming 6”+ dick into my mouth and began sucking him off. I did not want him to cum yet as I wanted him hard inside my cunt so after savouring his sticky knob end once more, I moved to sit on the edge of the top step with my legs open and motioned him to go to the steps below. He knew exactly what to do and was soon lapping away at my now soaking wet pussy, plunging his tongue inside as far as it would go and lapping at my engorged clit. I needed that cock now so I lay back and pulled him upwards. He was inside me in seconds and at the same time he pulled down the top of my dress and had his mouth nibbling on my left nipple. I imagined he could not be very comfortable but this was frantic, hard, no nonsense sex and his cock was thrusting in and out of me so hard and fast I could not care what was happening or who might find us. My hips rose to meet his thrusts and I knew neither of us was going to last very long. I hadn’t been fucked like this for a long time and all I wanted was to cum and cum and cum. Dan’s thrusts became shorter and quicker and he was on the verge of shooting his load just as I reached my climax. I could feel my cunt gushing juices all over Dan’s cock and balls when, with a final few hard and deep plunges, he exploded inside me. I could feel his hot seed shooting deep inside my pussy and it seemed to go on forever. He almost fell on top of me and we lay motionless for a few minutes, catching our breath. The sudden realisation of where we were and how easily we might be caught hit home and I suggested we better get back. I told him to go and I would sort myself out and follow. He pulled up his trousers, tucked his shirt back in and left. I stood up a bit shakily, brushed down my dress which was quite bit dusty and creased, then it happened – I could feel Dan’s cum oozing out from between my legs. I decided to be naughty and leave the evidence of our assignation there on the landing so I stood with my legs wide apart and let it drip from me onto the stair landing. Slowly strings of cum fell to the floor. I pushed hard with my pussy muscles and a sudden flood of spunk hit the deck in a splurge. I could not believe Dan had produced all this sperm. It covered an area bigger than a fried egg and it was deep! It would be quite obvious to anyone as to what it was. I got a tissue from my hand pouch and wiped myself and made my all the way downstairs. I decided not to return to the gathering but to leave by the front door. That had been one of the most exciting and spur of the moment sexual encounters I had ever had. I was still perspiring from all that energetic sex. Outside the cooler air hit me. I realised I had been drinking a lot yet never gone to pee. Another wicked thought entered my head. I walked slowly along the street and hailed the first cab I saw. Perfect – it was going the other way and it had to spin round to pick me up. I got in the back seat behind the driver. As I sat down I hitched up my dress but the driver could not see a thing. I gave him an address a couple of blocks away from my house and sat back and relaxed. I started chatting to the old driver to distract him as I tried to calm down and empty my bladder. At first nothing would come out. I shifted my body weight slightly but still nothing. We had still a bit to go but I did not want to miss this opportunity. I started to press my hand against my lower tummy and use my muscles to push out my pee. After a minute or so the first spurt shot from my peephole. I hoped I would not make a gushing sound and be heard. I relaxed a bit and then it came. Slowly at first then more and more. I could feel it soaking my ass. I hitched up my dress even more so not to get the back wet. Oh dear, it felt like I was not going to stop and what seemed like gallons of piss was pouring from my pussy. We were nearing my destination now so I squeezed tight and managed to stop the flow. We drew to a halt and I paid the driver before getting out then as he drove off I walked in the direction of my street. Now I felt really high and excited about what I had done though a little guilty about soaking the cab seat with my piss (guilty – no not really). As I walked, the need to completely empty my bladder was still present so I thought “What the hell, my dress needs cleaning now anyway” and I stopped on the quiet corner and stood and pissed myself, letting it run down my legs and enjoying that feeling of relief.

I got to the house and my partner was still not home so I showered – yes of course I played with myself in the shower again but this time I masturbated until I came once again before getting into bed and waiting for my lover to come home. Oh and Dan? Well he rang me at work the next week and we arranged to meet but that’s another story. Let me say that Dan is now well into water sports.


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