Wetting stories

I really want to piss!!

This true story happened to me in October 1999 in Kent, England.

I travelled to a small village in Kent the purpose of this visit was to film someone as they left a building on my camcorder, fortunately for me the building in question was about 50 yards from a railway station, so I knew I could sit and wait at the station without looking suspicious.
I arrived at this village around lunch time, which gave me a couple of hours to kill. I was wearing black jeans, a red sweater and new trainers and this is England, so I had my coat too!

I wasn‘t prepared for the fact this was only a tiny village and not much in it, so I decided to take a walk around and see some of the next village, I passed a little pub, so to kill time I went inside and had a badly needed couple of diet cokes and a salad roll and another diet coke for the road, then I decided to make my way back to the railway station. I could feel a slight urge to pee but I wasn‘t anywhere near bursting so I ignored it, I figured I‘d pee back at the station. By the time I actually got back I needed to pee rather badly, but I tried to ignore the urgent signals my bladder was giving out. There were a few people at the station, so I asked where the nearest toilets were while trying not to appear desperate, but all I got was a mumbled reply that there aren‘t any around here.

By now the urge to pee was increasing by the second - I mentioned that I wanted to go badly before, but now I was bursting! It occured to me that I might not be able to wait, that I might pee myself so I thought about walking back to that little pub and use their toilet, but I knew I didn‘t have time to walk there and back before the people in the building were due to leave - I‘d travelled a long way to get this film footage and it was very important to me, so I couldn‘t screw it up, I had to make my bladder hold on - I had to wait.
It was only another 20 minutes until they were due to come out, I needed to pee so badly, but I really hoped I could wait. I found myself pacing up and down the platform, had it been empty I would‘ve squatted down and peed there and then, but for a small village, Wateringbury station was surprisingly busy, so there I was, frantically pacing up and down the platform keeping one eye on the clock and one eye open for any chance I might have to squat down and take a sneaky pee and get some very badly needed bladder relief.

So after 20 minutes of: frantic pacing, crossing and uncrossing my legs, holding myself when I hoped no one was looking, sitting on the platform seat and then quickly realising that wasn‘t a good idea before quickly jumping up, the people began to leave the building, so I quickly got my camcorder out and filmed what I was there to film, the excitement of who I was seeing coupled with the growing desperation in my bursting bladder was just too much and I felt a warm trickle of pee run down my legs! There was honestly and truly nothing I could do about it, I was completely helpless as the warm wet piss soaked the crutch of my black jeans and in seconds my hot piss had soaked both my legs and had left me standing in a huge puddle of my own steamy pee!

The relief I got was totally un-wordable and the arousing effect it had on me was indescribable. Once I was alone on the train on my way home, I rubbed myself to a mind blowing orgasm, it was so powerful I could still feel the echoes of it long afterwards - delicious! Debra



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