Wetting stories

Peeing In My Yoga Clothes

I have recently bought my self one of those yoga DVD‘s that help you exercise in the correct way. I bought a mat as well which is a soft sort of plastic material that stops you from slipping. I bought my self a nice new pair of pink spandex shorts which is what the DVD advised. Anyway I began the exercise that the DVD told me how to do and just got on with it. I was bare foot on the mat as the video says that you don‘t slip that way and you get better movement of the ankle.

After about 25 minutes of the DVD I was really into it and having a great time (probably the most relaxing and gentle exercise that I have ever done) Anyway I realized that I needed to pee but didn‘t want to interupt my session so I just held it in. I pressed the pause button to see how long was left and there was another 65 minutes left as the DVD is 1 hour 30 mins. I just ignored my need and carried on. Anyway after another 20 minutes I was really desperate and I didn‘t think I could last much longer. Then I realized that I was on a water proof mat and was wearing spandex shorts. The perfect peeing opportunity and the easiest clean up ever. I carried on with the poses and decided that at the next pose where my legs are spread I would pee. It turned out that I had to do the tree yoga pose which is when you move your foot up the inside of your thigh as close to your crotch as possible. Of course as I attempted this my legs moved apart and I felt a spurt come out. The video said that I should hold this pose for 45 seconds so I just went with it.

Another spurt came out and then I just couldn‘t stop it. The pee came flooding out into my shorts pouring onto the heel of my foot and then down the arches and all over my toes dripping onto the mat below. I just stood there for 30 seconds peeing my self and then the next move came up on the screen. I had to kneel down and then lean forwards so that my hands were on the floor and my head was close to my knees. Of course I didn‘t stop peeing as I moved into the next pose and I knelt down into my large puddle of pee on the mat. I felt the pee start pouring through my shorts and trickling down the soles of my feet as I knelt. It felt amazing. After I had finished peeing I carried on with the rest of the session which involved standing bare foot in my puddle sitting in it and laying down in it as well :P It was such a fun time and I recomend it to anyone that enjoys a good wetting :)


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