Wetting stories

Problems on the potty

Wen Yao was a very pretty Chinese girl around 20, who had come to Sweden to study biology. Now her student group had gone on a field course in the country side. They were staying in an old countryside house which had no indoor WC, only a primitive outhouse toilet plus a potty for emergency night use, neither of which Wen Yao was used to.
They came to the field station house in the late afternoon, after several hours of driving. It was an old wooden two-storey building in traditional style. The girls in the student group installed themselves on the top floor, where they shared two large bedrooms. The boys stayed in a bedroom on the ground floor, and the teachers in a smaller bedroom on the same floor. On the ground floor, there was also kitchen and dining room, and after they had installed themselves in their rooms, they started to prepare dinner together.

Next to the hall on the ground floor, there was also a primitive wash room, with some basins for washing hands and face and brushing teeth. There was no separation between men and women, and it was only separated from the hallway by a simple curtain, no proper wall and door. Showers were outside in a separate building that had been added later, and the toilets were in yet another separate building further away on the back side. They had no running water, but was of the traditional pit style, with a big bucket below the hole collecting the waste.

Wen Yao had never been using such a toilet before. She was a bit shy when it came to toilet habits, and had been worrying about going to the toilet when they were going to be out in the woods for most of the days during the field course. But this was yet another problem, that the house they were staying in did not have a proper modern toilet inside, but only this primitive outhouse toilet. Nevertheless, she managed to use it before they started their dinner preparation, since it had been a long drive there, and she really needed to go and empty her bladder.

Preparing dinner and eating took quite a long time, and when they had eaten and done the dishes it was all dark outside, since this was in September. They had some tea or coffee, sat down to plan a bit for tomorrow, and then just spent some time together chatting and joking. Since the term had only started a couple of weeks ago, they did not know each other too well, and this was their first chance to really get to know each other properly.

Some time after 10 o’clock, it was time to prepare for bed, in order to be ready for tomorrow. Like the others, Wen Yao washed her hands and face and brushed her teeth before going upstairs to the bedroom she shared with five other girls. It seemed that many of them also went outside to use the toilet before going to bed. Wen Yao also felt that she needed to use the toilet once more before going to bed, but she was afraid to go out in the dark all alone, and she was too shy and embarrassed to ask any of the other girls to accompany her (let alone any of the boys). Perhaps if I sleep through the night, I can wait until next morning when it is daylight before I go out, she thought.

She made her bed and undressed into her underwear, which she used as a night dress, and went to bed. In spite of the mounting pressure in her bladder, she managed to fall asleep, and slept for a couple of hours. When she woke up again, it was all dark around her, and everybody else seemed to be sleeping. She tried to turn around and go back to sleep, but now she was too uncomfortable because of the ache and pressure in her bladder. It was really very full by now. She wished she had not drunk that tea after dinner. Still, she tried to hold on for at least one and a half hour more, tossing and turning in bed to find some slightly more comfortable position that reduced the pressure from her full bladder.
But some time between 2 and 3, she realized it would be impossible for her to hold out until the morning, with her bladder already being full almost to its limits. She somehow had to get up and empty it, whether on the outhouse toilet or somewhere else. She remembered having seen a metal potty in the wash room downstairs, perhaps mainly for families with small kids to use during night time. But to use this potty to pee in seemed to her perhaps a better alternative than going out in the dark.   

She carefully went out of bed and down the staircase, anxious not to cause any sounds and wake up anybody. As she walked down the staircase, the pressure in the bladder felt even worse than when she had been laying down, and she had to hold one hand in the front of her panties to make sure it did not start to leak or overflow. She came into the hallway on the ground floor, quickly went in behind the curtain to the wash room, and switched on some lights.

She then took out the metal potty from the shelf and placed it on the floor. She then hesitated a little. She was not use to using such a potty either, at least not as a grown-up girl, and she was feeling very embarrassed. What if someone came and saw her? Still, she had no choice, unless she wanted to go out in the dark. The situation made her very nervous, and made her bladder on the brink of overflowing.
Rather than crouching down over the potty, she kneeled down with her knees on the floor and her thighs spread apart, and her private parts placed over the potty. She then carefully started to pull down her white underpants, just the minimum amount down her thighs to expose her bottom and her pee hole. She then hesitated a little more. What if some of the boys were awake and hearing her? What if somebody came? But the pressure in her bladder was immense and she had no more choice than to give in.

Just as she released her pressure and there was a hard metallic splashing sound from the potty, she heard the sound of a door opening! Probably one of the boys needing to go out. Or what if he came in here and saw her? She quickly managed to squeeze back her flow again, although it had just begun. There were a couple of more splashes before she really got it under control, and the flow stopped completely.

But what should she do now? She could hear the boy cross the hallway and go out the front door. But somebody else also came out in the hall, and perhaps also went out the front door. But they may soon come back, and possibly come into the wash room. She was more or less trapped in there, she could not get out without the risk of being seen. And she was not at all finished peeing, she had to hold back her pee with all her force not to start peeing again. It was not possible for her to get up from the potty.

At least, to avoid being caught with her underpants down, she started to carefully pull them up again while still kneeling over the potty, in order to cover her private parts. As she did that, she could feel it was a little bit of leakage in her panties, before she managed to regain control. Just then, she could hear some more sound, and one of the boys came back in. She froze, and tried to stay completely silent.
Still maybe the boy heard some sound, or saw the light being on in the wash room, or even saw Wen Yao’s shadow on the curtain and became curious. Or he just wanted to wash his hands. In any case, the boy pulled the curtain aside and stepped into the washroom. He stared on the pretty Chinese girl in her underwear (white top and white panties) sitting on the floor on a potty. Then, poor Wen Yao could not hold her bladder anymore. Her urine started to flow out of her pee hole again, wetting her underpants completely and flowing down into the potty with a splashing metallic sound. The boy was staring; since her legs were spread out he could see the panties getting wetter and wetter in the front and the urine starting to flow down between her thighs into the potty. Then he said with a smile:
- I think you should pull down your underpants before you start peeing, Wen Yao. Or is this Chinese style, to pee though your panties?


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