Wetting stories

The Wet Seat

Debbie looked at him as they stood at the bar, and whispered "Please lets go now I am almost wetting my panties". She felt his hand under the front of her leather skirt making its way up her legs, his fingers rubbed over her cunt through the cotton gusset encountering her wetness” Your doing it already" he observed.” Its not just leaked wee its love juice I am dying to come as well” she giggled. Then his fingers began to rub and tease, her thighs now were pressed together forcing the leaking pee to pond round the seat of her panties.

The damp feeling round her bottom gave her a feeling of naughtiness, of being rude in public, Then as his fingers traced round her cunt lips, she felt her self responding, waves of pleasure radiated from her wet cunt, spreading from her cunt upwards to her tits, then to her very finger tips, while others went down from her thighs down her legs to her toes. Then just as she was on the verge of coming in her panties, he withdrew his hand. Debbie groaned in disappointment. Ian had been doing the same thing on and off since she had returned from work that evening. First in the hall before she had taken her coat off, then when he had followed her in to the bathroom, she thought he intended to shag her. But no he had let her sit on the toilet with her panties still on, then putting his fingers over her cunt had teased her yet again. Had she been able to be on her own she would have masturbated repeatedly. This was his revenge, for that morning she had teased him, playing with his prick, then she had wanked her self off in front of him. Taking so much time that he had to go to work frustrated. While she had creamed herself in her panties at work, in the ladies, having a quick wank, while sat on the toilet. Now there they were in the pub, she, desperate for a pee and so horny, if they had been sitting at a table she could have surreptitiously made her self come. Ian was now talking to the barman, and Debbie’s attention was drawn to a couple with a young daughter. The girl (Fiona) was bored and was only allowed in the pub ( Being less than sixteen) as long as she remained seated at the table. To get round this constraint she began making frequent trips to the ladies. This was an excuse to go in the games room. Fiona actually managed to get away from her parents a number of times, but had not been to the toilet. On the last trip to the games room. The manager seeing what was happening, spoke to her parents about her and asked then to keep her seated. Her mum and dad where in conversation with another couple. And where annoyed at the intrusion, telling Fiona to stop being such a pain. Fiona sulked and seethed would they never leave she thought, after about half an hour the poor girl having consumed many soft drinks, now genially did want need to wee. She pestered her mum till to let her go, till her dad said loud enough for Debbie to hear” look you wanted to come with us, I said you would be bored, but you insisted on coming. Now you are bored. Remember we want to enjoy our self‘s so just shut up and sit still. we don‘t want to offend the manager and get asked to leave, you have been to the toilet five times and we are getting more than fed up with you trying to have your own way, it‘s always just once more time, Well we have had enough of the selfishness, remember you’re not too old to get your backside slapped"

Fiona looked horrified at her mum. Who said sharply "look you asked for it? Anymore and it will happen as soon as we get outside” Then they turned their attention to their friends. Fiona sat still for a little while before starting to fidget, and wriggle.

It was obvious to Debbie the poor Girl was on the verge of wetting her panties.her small mini skirt, rode up, from time to time with all her antics. Affording glances of her panty crotch Debbie could see there was now a damp patch. The girl had now placed her hands in her lap and was holding her self through her skirt. She made one last appeal "please dad". Her father exasperated beyond measure reacted with a hissed warning" what have I just told you? ,Now you really are for it". A look of apprehension passed over Fiona’s features.but it was soon replaced by a crafty cunning look. Debbie was amazed to see the girl suddenly relax in her seat spread her legs. Debbie knew the girl was deliberately wetting her self. At first she could not work out why she had suddenly given in. Then the beatific smile on Fiona’s face said it all. Everyone has heard my dad threatening me, when we walk out and people see I have been forced to wet my self, even though I may well feel embarrassed, however my shame will be nothing compared to theirs. They will be that disgraced me will get anything I ask for. Just a few tears as a final touch. And it went much that way, when they did get up to leave. Her mother was horrified to discover her daughter had wet herself. In fact more so than had it been she herself. Dad looked as though he felt everyone must think him the biggest swine of all time. The cameo amused Debbie even though she was nearly doing the same thing on the floor. That gave her the idea. Getting back Ian’s attention from his conversation with the bar man, She pointed out there was a table free and said she wanted to sit down. Ian unaware of what had transpired followed her to the table.where Debbie sat down in the seat previously occupied by the young girl. Despite the fact her own panties where more than damp, the wetness from the seat, soaked through her skirt, bathing her bum in warm wetness. She gazed at Ian and whispered "now I am going to pee my self” Ian stared uncomprehending. Then she recounted what had happened, “so she concluded when I walk out everyone will think I just sat in the young girls wetness, do you want to know when I am doing it? .The effect on Ian was just what she had predicted. He could not take his eyes of her lap and she could see he had a raging erection. "Lend me your hand” she teased. Then beneath the table protected from all eyes she placed his hand so that the palm of it rested over the gusset of her damp knickers. Then easing his fingers up the elasticity leg, whispered "now tease me you a rotten bastard, I am going to pee my pants and your going to make me come". She knew she was now in control, the delightful feeling of being on the point of coming and peeing her self in public, was overwhelming.

Her legs pressed tightly together, making it impossible for Ian to withdraw his hand( not that he wanted to) in fact puling his fingers in tighter contact over her clit, she started to pee. His fingers passed the message to his brain, his brain told his fingers to swiftly make her come. The faster his fingers flew over her cunt, the pee flowed more strongly, soaking his hand and cuff. Debbie’s heels where now drumming tighter, then suddenly, every star shell that could burst on November the fifth went off at once. Then in the delirium of her climax she squeezed Ian’s prick and he infected by the intensity of the situation came in thick spurts creaming his pants. The mists of passion cleared and they looked around to see if anyone could not have noticed what the had done. But above the table all was as it was before. No one even looked in their direction. They had done it in public, but the public did not, and would not know.


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