Wetting stories

Needing a pee in the night. The camping trip

Last July I went to an open air festival where I pitched a tent up to stay in over the weekend - but it was an extremely cold, wet and windy weekend and if it wasn‘t for the fact I‘d come over 300 miles for this do, I‘d have gone home again!

But I was there for the weekend, I went to bed on the Friday night wearing a t-shirt and white nylon shorts and snuggled down in my sleeping bag inside my tent. Later on my bladder woke me up, this is extremely unusual for me, (but then it‘s extremely unusual for me to have drank 2 pints of shandy during the evening). A group of us had been sitting in someone‘s caravan talking and writing songs (away from the weather outside). It seemed a good idea at the time, but I was regretting it now, my bladder was sending out urgent signals. I glanced at my watch it was 12.30 am, oh darn it, there‘s hours to go until morning! I had two choices: I could lay there in the warm and hold it all night, or I could go outside in the cold, dark, wind and rain and pee on the grass and spend the rest of the night freezing cold, because once I get cold I find it very difficult to get warm again, I‘ve always been like that I feel the cold very easily and have trouble staying warm. So I figured I‘d lay there and hold it. At first it didn‘t seem too bad, but within about an hour I‘d gone from being bursting to pee to being very, very desperate to go, (bedwetting has never been my thing and besides, I‘d have to sleep in my sleeping bag again tomorrow night) - no, I‘d have to hold on that‘s all.

I soon realised that it would be easier said than done as my desperation was increasing by the second and the hands on my clock didn‘t seem to be moving very fast at all, I tried sitting up: "ouch!" I gasped out loud, that wasn‘t a good idea at all and it was cold out of my sleeping bag. I lay back down and gently rubbed myself through the material of my white nylon shorts, it was very, very arousing, especially on an overfull bladder, every so often I had to go from rubbing to frantically holding as the desperation waves were flowing over me too frequently for my liking and they were becoming much more intense too, but I held on to my piss through gritted teeth.

I really didn‘t know how I was going to hold on until morning I didn‘t know if I could, but I knew I HAD TO, because there was another reason why I COULDN‘T go outside - I shamefully admit that right by the tent door where I‘d have to undo the zip there was a big spider, I know it sex sounds silly but everyone is scared of something and with me it just happens to be spiders, so I couldn‘t go outside. I lay in my sleeping bag rubbing and holding myself through those erotic shorts, desperately hoping I could hang on until morning, I was sooooo desperate to pee my whole body felt tingly and my toes were curled up, spasms of desperation followed by spasms of an impending orgasm alternated within me for the whole of that night, my hands worked overtime as they held back the impending flood and at the same time almost took me to heaven as I rubbed through my shorts.

I no longer felt the cold - I was very hot, but that spider didn‘t move, I had gotten so hot through being aroused that I would‘ve gone out and braved the weather if that big scary monster thing wasn‘t blocking my exit, but I knew that with the spider there, once I‘d left my tent I‘d disturb it and it would move and I wouldn‘t be able to come back into the tent at all until it had been found and for that I needed daylight.
Eventually the sunrise filtered through the tent and the rain eased off and I could hear people moving about outside going to the toilets and showers, ooohhh just the thought of a toilet at that moment was like heaven to me, my desperation was so intense it felt like my bladder was on fire!

"Oh well," I thought, "it‘s now or never." Now, have you ever tried getting out of a sleeping bag with both hands jammed tightly between your legs? Feeling so desperate to pee that your entire body is tingling? Well take it from me, it‘s not easy, but somehow (and don‘t ask me how I managed it), it was ‘so far so good‘, then with every ounce of self control and strength I unzipped my tent and sure enough, the spider moved and I got out of that tent really quickly causing me to loose my concentration for a split second, but that was long enough to feel a warm wetness running down my legs - oh no!

I fought very, very hard to stem the flow and regain control again but it was proving very difficult to do, I guess changing position from laying down to standing outside in a much cooler temperature had a lot to do with it, but I was in full view of everyone else so I didn‘t want an accident. I was almost bent double. I made my way to the toilet block, there were a surprising amount of people milling around and I couldn‘t see anywhere I could squat down out of sight, it was a very open place so I HAD to get inside that toilet block! Every step I took was one step nearer, but it was also that little bit harder to hold, I was looking forward so much to my piss, I wanted to start it off now, so every few steps I almost lost control as very strong waves threatened me, each wave was that little bit stronger than the last.

I could feel myself leaking now and very badly too, my legs were pretty wet as were my hands and if I dared to look behind me on the path I know it would‘ve shown tell-tale signs, but I couldn‘t afford to look back, my only thought was getting to that toilet which somehow I did. No words can ever describe the utter relief I felt, I almost cried! In one split second I‘d pulled my hands away and my shorts down and peed a river, my shorts were very wet too, so I must have leaked a bit more than I‘d thought.

After I had peed, I finished off that orgasm that I‘d been on the brink of most of the night - aaaaaahhhhhhhh pure undiluted ecstasy, then I had to go back (with pretty wet shorts) and dismantle my tent and move to get rid of the spider.



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