Wetting stories

Disaster at the toilet

Wen Zao was a very pretty Chinese girl around 20 that had come to Sweden to study. Now it was summer, and some Swedish student friends that lived in the same corridor had taken her along for a trip to the archipelago by boat, in order to show her the archipelago and to go swimming.
It was a nice and sunny day. They were taking the metro into town, and from there one of the tour boats going out into the archipelago.  There were seven of them, including Wen Zao, both boys and girls. Wen Zao had been told to bring some picnic food and drink, and her swimsuit. Now, she was a quite shy girl when it comes to dressing and undressing in public, so she decided to solve that problem by taking her swimsuit on in the morning and wearing it all day under her normal clothes. In that way, she would not need to undress completely to change into her swimsuit, which was a full swimsuit, not a bikini, that covered much of her body.
The boat ride took a couple of hours, and during that time they looked out on the passing islands, chatted among each other, and had some snacks and coffee, tea or sodas from the cafeteria onboard. Wen Zao bought a quite big soda and drank.

Suddenly, they reached the island of their destination. As they were preparing to disembark, Wen Zao realized that it would had been a good idea to have visited the toilet onboard, as some of the others had done, but now it was too late. The boat was only making a short stop at the jetty, and they had to hurry to get off in time.
They started to walk across the island to the other side, where there apparently were better and more undisturbed places for resting, swimming and having their picnic. After a short distance they passed a row of simple outhouse toilets – pit toilets – for visitors to the island. Somebody pointed them out, and as Wen Zao now had started to feel some pressure in her bladder from her morning tea and the soda on the boat, she was hesitating whether she should use one of them before they continued their walk. But she felt a bit embarrassed to ask the others to stop and wait for her while she went to the toilet, so she continued with the others without going there.
After some twenty minutes more of walking along a trail across the island, they came to a nice secluded place at the water where they decided to stay. There was some grass to sit or lay down on, ideal for picnic and sunbathing, and a small sandy beach as well as some cliffs where they could go into the water. Everybody started to undress and get changed, in order to get into the water. Wen Zao, still a bit shy, took off her blouse and her jeans to reveal her blue swimsuit that she was wearing beneath.
Then they all went into the water. However, in spite of being a warm and sunny day, the water was rather chilly, and Wen Zao only had a very quick dip before going up again. Some of the others stayed in a bit longer, but not very long, since they also were feeling cold. Perhaps a couple of them took the chance of peeing in the water, if they had not been on the toilet on the boat, but Wen Zao did not think of that (or would have been too shy and embarrassed to do that). As she returned out of the water and started to wipe herself dry, she however really felt the mounting pressure in her bladder and the need to go.

They all wiped themselves and sunbathed for some time, before it was time to get out their picnic food and drinks. Wen Zao ate very little, and drank even less, in order not to add to her already quite full bladder. But perhaps even worse was that the food she had seemed to start some action in her bowels, and she soon also felt the need to relieve herself from her back hole as well.

Still, it was several hours before the boat was going back, and they continued to chat and joke or to sunbathe. Wen Zao noticed that a couple of them went into the bushes, probably to pee, but she was too shy to do the same. She also realized that it would be difficult for her to do so with her one-piece swimsuit, she would have to pull it down and strip completely naked to relieve herself. And even if she would have considered to take a pee behind a bush, what if the urge to poop became so big when she crouched down to pee that she also pooped in the bushes, with no way of cleaning herself afterwards? She absolutely did not want that to happen. The only thing she could do was to try to hold out until they came back to the boat, or at least to the pit toilets near the jetty.

So she tried to think about other things than the growing pressure from her bladder and her bowels, and talk to the others and look cheerful and happy, although it was difficult at times when she felt a stronger urge to pee or poop. After her swimsuit had dried up, she took on her blouse and her jeans, while the others mainly remained in their swim clothes, although they did not go into the water any more.
Now it was way into the afternoon, and she had not been to the toilet until early in the morning, when she got up. Still, it was a couple of hours left before the boat would come. By now, Wen Zao was starting to feel desperate, and she realized that she would not be able to hold it out until they got onto the boat. Her bladder was so full it was constantly aching, and she was also having very strong and persistent urges to poop. Either she would have to go in the bushes, or to use the outhouse pit toilet.
Although she did not like the idea, the latter seemed the best (or least awkward) possibility for a shy girl like Wen Zao. But the problem was that she would not be able to find her way there through the forest on her own. She would have to tell the others to come along and accompany her.
- “I need to go to the toilet, but I can’t find the way there on my own. Could we please go back already now, so I can go to the toilet on the way”, she said with an embarrassed look on her face.

- “Okey”, the others said, as they had already spent a lot of time on this location, and they could just as well spend some time on the side of the island where the boat came. They started to change and get dressed and put there things together, but naturally this took some time. Wen Zao was starting to get desperate by now, she was standing up doing some discrete pee dances, waiting for the others to get ready.

- “Please, can you hurry, I really need to go toilet”, she started to say in a desperate and embarrassed tone, and in her somewhat broken English. “I need to go toilet fast fast, please hurry, I need toilet very much”. The boys in the group looked a bit curious on the pretty and desperate Chinese girl. What would happen?
Finally, they were all ready, and started to move back through the forest towards the toilets and the jetty. Wen Zao tried to walk as fast as she could, but sometimes she had to stop to cross her legs to hold herself and squeeze both her pee and her poop hole really tight. Still, she could feel the poop pressing and almost coming out of her bum hole as she walked. And it was the same with the pee, at times she had to put her hand between her thighs and press so it would not start leaking.

After a very long and cumbersome walk through the forest, they finally arrived to the toilet building. Wen Zao put her bag to the ground and hurried as quickly as she could towards the closest toilet cabin, her left hand pressed in the front of her jeans to prevent her pee from starting leaking, and feeling a big piece of poop almost on its way out between her clenched buttocks. She had never been so desperate to go to the toilet before!

She got in and closed the door behind her. This was a traditional outhouse toilet, with a wide wooden bench with a round hole in the middle, and a barrel below to collect the waste. Wen Zao was trying to unbutton her jeans with one hand, as she constantly had to press the other hand between her legs in order not to start peeing immediately. She somehow managed to get her jeans down, but now she also needed to unbutton her blouse and get it off, and then pull down her swimsuit completely. She would have to undress almost completely before she could start peeing and pooping, this was very inconvenient.

In order not to start leaking, she sat down in her swimsuit on the front of the wooden bench, with her pee hole a bit in front of the toilet hole, so that she could press it towards the bench to hold back her urine. Her bottom was over the toilet hole, though. She started fumbling with the buttons of the blouse, in order to get it off, so that she should be able to pull down her swimsuit. But she was so desperate and nervous that it became almost impossible. Then she sensed a big lump of poop coming out between her buttocks and getting stuck in the swimsuit.

At the same time, her pee started flowing from her pee hole through the swimsuit. Since she was sitting partly in front of the toilet hole, the pee started to flow out on the wooden bench between her thighs, and then down the front side of the bench forming a puddle on the floor. After some time, she somehow managed to slide backwards, so that her pee instead could flow into the toilet, but a lot of it had already gone the wrong way, onto the bench and onto the floor. And as she was sitting with more of her bottom over the toilet hole, more of her poop came out and formed a big bulging lump in the back of her swimsuit. She had both wet and pooped herself in her swimsuit, while sitting on the toilet!

She did not know what to do. She had no underwear to change to, and no way to clean herself. There was no water in the toilet. Finally, she just pulled up her jeans over her wet and soiled swimsuit, and stepped out of the toilet, hoping that nobody would notice the bulge in the back and the wet staining that may go through the jeans, not to talk about the smell.


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