Wetting stories

The Mustang Story

Looking over at the next seat Mia ran her hands through Erik's hair, she adores how his curls would get caught between her fingers and how he would wince in over exaggeration. Today he planned a special picnic date at the top of Red Mountain in time for the sunset. As the Mustang wound its way to the top of the mountain Mia was blissfully content.

Upon arrival at the perfect spot, Erik set up the picnic while he polished off his second beer. Slowly the secluded spot they picked was starting to fill up with other couples with the same idea. Finishing up his 4th beer, Erik felt a the need to pee. He looked around for the bathrooms and noticed that there weren't any. Hoping not to make a bad impression on Mia he decided to hold it. As he had been drinking he handed over his keys and got into the passenger side of his car.

Mia extremely excited at the prospect of getting to drive his brand new Mustang jumped at the opportunity. She slid in the car and started the decent down the mountain. Eventually she noticed traffic was at a complete stop less than 15 minutes away. She looked over at Erik who was nervously shifting in his chair.

Erik's bladder was at 5 eat and he was beginning to seriously consider using a tree but he didn't want to make a bad impression, tonight was the third date and he was so attracted to Mia. His pale skin against her milk chocolate complexion made him hard thinking about it. He attempted to try and cover his erection while trying to hold his bladder and tapping his foot.

Mia started talking about something or another and he sat in silent agony. Twenty minutes later and traffic not moving, Mia looks over at Erik in full desperation. She acts like she doesn't notice but she does. Every few minutes she would look at him and become more and more aroused herself!

Finally half an hour later they made it down the mountain and to the restrooms. Erik struggled to hold it as he got out the car hand on his aching cock. Mia watched as he had to stop to try and hold himself back. The restrooms were closed, tears started to form in Erik's eyes, he had started to wet and was sure he wouldn't make it, currently at a desperation level 7 he walked hunched and holding.

Mia made her way to the back of the restrooms and leaned up against the wall and took off her shirt. She told him to come here. She reached in his jeans placed her finger firmly on his aching pee hole and told him to suck her nipples. With one finger she held his pee hole and the other she touched her swollen clit. She moaned in pleasure as he suckled each nipple. She moved to put her mouth on his dick and he pushed her away, he didn't want to pee in her mouth. She took her tongue and teased his cock and finally he let her suck him until he was close to cumming. He bent down in front of her and moved aside her panties with his tongue and stared to eat her out while stroking his cock. After a few minutes she bends over and grabs her ankles.

He starts to lick her and then he hears her say, "I want you inside me" He happily obliges her desires and slowly slides his throbbing cock inside her wet, pink, pussy. As they start moving he starts to pulsate as he feels her go into an orgasm.


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