Wetting stories

The Cinema Visit

Lucy pressed her hands together between her legs wanting to pee very badly, the fact that she was on the verge of coming was exciting and made her legs tremble, there she was, in the cinema watching a horror film, with her sister Jen, she the film so frightened her, that though was dying to pee, she was afraid to go on to the toilet in the dark on her own, and Jen was engrossed in the film and refused to accompany her. Now peeing her self would not have worried her, but there was a problem, she had done it in this very cinema, a number of times, often brought on by being masturbated by Ian her boy friend. Frigging her when she was dying to pee, and no longer able to resist coming, she therefore enjoyed a delightful combination that could only have one outcome she had come, and was unable to resist but letting go and pissing her panties and soaking the seat. But Brenda the attendant had got fed up with people complaining about wet smelly seats. So a trap had been set, she had narrowed the number of suspects down by observation, and was left with a few suspects, of whom Lucy was one. Then noting the seats the regulars used, she had them wired in such a way that should they suddenly become wet, then a red light would flash in the projection box, over the seat number. So that one night when Lucy was sitting in the cinema (this time on her own) siting in her favourite place. Watching a hard sex film. As usual she needed to pee, yet not wanting to miss anything, she held her self between her legs, as she watched couples on the screen fucking and so on it was natural for her to frig her self unobtrusively, of course when she came she could not avoid having a delicious pee through her pants and on to the seat. Unaware that the wired seat caused an illuminated number to light in the projection room alerting the waiting attendant.

Lucy suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up to see the attendant Brenda, who said please come with me I have some one who wants to see you. Lucy wondering what could have happened, followed Brenda to the manager’s office and was introduced to Wendy the cinema manager, a good-looking woman but quite big and buxom, who said" I am sorry to have to say this, but I have reason to believe that you have been responsible on a number of occasions for urine sodden seats, in fact I am certain you have done so less than ten minuets ago !"Lucy gasped and started to object, but Wendy ignored her, and seized her wrists and pulled her so that she was positioned over the desk, saying to Brenda "lift her skirt lets have a look she won‘t have had time to take them off before you got to her;" There you are" said Brenda" I knew all along, she is absolutely soaked with piss, her pant legs stockings the lot, and so is the seat she has been siting in",Lucy was horrified, Wendy started" do you know it is an offence to abuse public seating and by rights I should report you to the police. However you can choose, you either accept my punishment or I ring the police" Lucy was terrified and Mumbled that she was sorry and she agreed to be punished by Wendy."Good" approved Wendy" but first what causes you to pee your self while you are here."Lucy muttered with a brick red face that she was afraid she got excited, “you bet she gets excited" observed Brenda who still had Lucy’s Skirt held up and had been examining her panties," she has been wanking, the crotch of her panties are caked with come"Lucy’s secret was out she said in a small voice I can‘t help it I can‘t resist peeing when I come"Looking at her with an interested stare Brenda asked" you don‘t want to wee now do you? "Now as a matter of fact Lucy did, the fear and embarrassment and the threatened punishment was making her want to wee very badly, and she was having to cross her legs. Brenda noting this said" I think she is on the edge of doing it now"At this Lucy gave up all pretence and placing her hand beneath her skirt to hold back the threatened pee. "Wendy suddenly banged the desk and said I know how to punish her and at the same time cure her of the peeing on seats, make her sit on that heavy plastic chair and fasten her wrists and her arms to the arms of the chair " then searching through her desk she produced a roll of thick Sellotape and a long slim vibrator " a good now fold back her skirt and secure her legs apart so she cannot move.

Now I am going to tape this vibrator to your inner thigh just close enough to touch those wet knickers but not allow you sufficient pressure to make you come. The fact that you are almost wetting your self,right now will help teach you a lesson,now when I switch this on it will make you want to come!,And as you have said when you come you pee, but as the position of the vibrator will not allow you to come, so you will have to control yourself for as long as I say.

Should you pee before we release you I will have to think about the police again" and reaching between Lucy’s thighs she switched on the vibrator, At first the presence of the two women watching her repressed the desired effect, but after ten minuets Lucy’s thighs were trembling.

After twenty she was struggling to make contact with the black plastic tormentor, and although she had managed to refrain from letting her bladder go fully, she was trickling wee in to the gusset of her panties.another five minuets passed by and Lucy was pleading with her tormentors, “please let me come, let me wee, I can‘t hold on, please just a little bit harder, I promise not to wet your seats again, oh! Please let me come!!!!". Her mind was so inflamed with the need for release, she had not noticed that Wendy had become excited, until the manager said to Brenda" you can go now I will finish her off.

"As soon as the door closed behind Brenda. Wendy said you have done quite well I am going to release you, but first I would like to see something " and so saying she pushed a large tray beneath Luc’ys Chair and unstrapping the instrument of Lucys torment, thrust the throbbing plastic right in to Lucys cunt, the reaction was spontaneous Lucy felt like a million volts had passed through her whole nervous system her vagina muscles griped the plastic head as in her ecstasy she peed like never before, then through the mist off oblivion she heard Wendy saying" now I calculate that you have peed over seats on eighteen occasions, so that‘s your first lesson in control, I will require you to attend this office for seventeen more acts of self control, do you understand me "Lucy still wriggling said" yes I‘d love to and I will but when "Wendy thought and commanded at least four times per week, now go in to my private bathroom and clean up" Lucy complied taking the tray full of her piss and poured it down the loo, and proceeded to remove her panties and wash her legs, When she had finished she was just about to open the door, when she heard a noise, and quietly opened the door just a crack. There sprawled in her big chair was Wendy dress round her middle, thighs spread apart the vibrator, on full speed thrust up the side of her panties, and lodged into her cunt, she watched for a moment till with a loud cry, and her bum rubbing on the seat Wendy started to climax, bucking to and fro, Lucy could not see all that clearly but she was sure she saw something ruining off the chair and forming a pool on the carpet. She gave Wendy time to recover herself and made her exit. Now two weeks later siting writhing on the very edge of peeing in her pants she again felt a hand on her shoulder as Brenda whispered "I think you are ready for another lesson, come with me" Lucy rose and followed Brenda to the manager’s office for her twenty third visits, yes twenty third visit, you see every time she did not last the full time another one was added. Only it was not always Lucy tied to the chair. But that as they say is another story.


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