Wetting stories

The Locked Bathroom

Well, there we were George, Nancy, Tammy, Richard, Don, Jeff, Charlie, James and myself, travelling on a locked silver eagle bus from Florida to Tennessee, with the bathroom door well and truly locked! We couldn‘t get out of the bus until the tour manager met us in Nashville, at least another 11 hours away.

George paced up and down the bus cursing everyone from the fans to management, Nancy managed to calm him down eventually, I noticed Charlie give his cock a squeeze when he thought no one was looking, Nancy was sitting cross legged with a very anxious look on her face, "I don‘t know if I can hold on that long," James said, "I need to go rather badly."

"Well, we will just have to wet ourselves!" I said, trying so hard not to sound like I was enjoying the situation. "I‘m desperate to go too." "Oh no way!!" chorused the others all together, "I‘ll hold on, I‘m determined to!" said Tammy. "Yeah me too!" the others all replied. For about half an hour we tried to distract ourselves playing card games, talking etc, my own desperation was getting very intense. I was wearing a blue denim dress and silky blue panties that aroused me to simply even touch them. Nancy just couldn‘t keep still, she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, fidgeting about and cursing under her breath. Jeff and I gave each other a knowing look, we both knew how much each other was enjoying the situation, I could tell he needed to go pretty badly too by the way he had to keep squeezing, but there was no way we were going to let on that we were enjoying this. George got up and tried in vain to open the door, I could see the anxious look on his face, "Oooohh no!" groaned Charlie, "I‘m really bursting to pee." He clutched at himself frantically, I looked across at Tammy and could see the desperation etched on her face, her legs were crossed and she was tapping a pen nervously on the table. I too began to get really desperate now and had to hold myself rather tightly at times, poor Nancy was almost in tears she sat crossed legged with both hands jammed tightly between her legs, "Just do it Nancy." I suggested, knowing full well she wouldn‘t. "No!" she whispered, "I‘m ok." "I‘m really bursting." Jeff whispered to me. "Yeah, I am too!" I worriedly replied. Although we both enjoyed this, we didn‘t want to wet ourselves either, so I sat closer to him as if somehow he could make a difference and help me, being 20 years older than me, he had always tended to protective me, because as well as cousins, we were best friends too, but he couldn‘t help me this time. I was finding it very difficult to sit down and yet it was very difficult to stand also, the darn rhythm of the bus wasn‘t helping matters either.

I looked over at Charlie, just the sight of him always sent shivers up my spine, he was tense and the bulge in his trousers that he was trying very hard to hide was unmistakable. By now I was unconsciously having to give myself a bit of a rub, I was really desperate to go, my toes were curling and my whole body was beginning to tingle, a glance under the table revealed Tammy‘s legs crossed tightly. Richard, who was sitting beside her trying to make small-talk-conversation showed extreme anxiety on his face, it was so obvious.

"Oh no, NO!" whispered Tammy almost silently to herself as she looked desperately over at the bathroom door, as if somehow she could wish it to open. Richard got up and walked over and uselessly tried to open it, as if he just had to check for himself it was locked. "Hey guys, I‘m sorry, this is my fault." muttered George through grated teeth. "Aw, don‘t worry George," I replied, "you can‘t help being you - can you?" A half hearted attempt at a laugh could be heard through the bus, "Hey Jeff, don‘t go putting this in your magazine now will ya!" asked George anxiously. He could obviously imagine the headlines this would make. "Well, I don‘t know." replied Jeff after some thought, "the whole of Nashville want to know about what REALLY happened that night you missed the plane going over to England, you didn‘t miss that plane did you? And you would never tell anyone about that night would you? I‘ve got to put a story in my magazine." replied Jeff chewing his pencil.

"Oh ok, ok." sighed George. He knew when he was beaten and to everyone‘s amazement he gave Jeff an exclusive interview about an issue he‘d kept quiet about for months. Suddenly Nancy let out a whimper, "Oh George please do something!" she cried. She stood up and stood cross legged with her hands jammed tightly between her legs and a frantic expression on her face, "Sorry honey." replied George sympathetically as he hugged her tight. I watched as a stream of pee ran down her legs and soaked her pants and the floor, my mouth went dry and my heart fluttered with excitement, but I couldn‘t let it show, poor Nancy sat back down looking very embarrassed indeed. My own need was now growing completely out of control, I was having to keep my legs crossed and hold myself quite frequently now, Jeff seemed to be in an equally desperate state, I noticed his fists were clenched as he fought to retain control, "Aw damn!" I heard Charlie mutter as he paced up and down the bus with his hands firmly grabbing at himself, (I wished I could go over and give him a rub myself but of course I didn‘t). He pounded on the locked door with his fists, "Damn, damn, damn!! I need to go so badly, oh hell I‘m bursting!!"

Tammy got up from where she was sitting paced up and down the bus stopping every few steps to cross her legs and hold herself, "Richard," she whispered, "I think I‘m gonna have an accident!" She moaned softly more to herself than to her equally desperate husband who was half sitting and half standing on a chair with his hands firmly holding his cock. Suddenly the bus stopped, "Hey guys!" Don said, "I can‘t drive this bus I‘m soooo desperate for a pee I can‘t concentrate on my driving." "GET US TO NASHVILLE!!" we all chorused at once.

"But, but ..." he began, then reluctantly slid back into his seat and started the coach moving again. By now every nerve in my body was tingling with desperation, my toes were curling, my breathing was shallow and I could hardly move for fear of loosing control. Jeff put his arm around me, "Hold on honey," he whispered while stroking my forehead, "everything‘s gonna be alright well get through this together." His comforting words gave me renewed determination and I found strength I didn‘t know I had and I continued holding on, which was more than Tammy was able to do as suddenly she let out a cry and I watched as a wet patch spread around her bottom and dripped onto the floor. "Oh no!" she wailed, "I didn‘t want that to happen!" She sobbed as Richard hugged her, I felt Jeff‘s grip on me tighten and I turned and looked as he really struggled to hold on, he was very tense and sucking his breath in between his teeth. "Hold on Cousin Jeff," I encouraged, "I know you can hang on!" I felt him relax a little, "Oh that was close." he said anxiously. The minutes ticked by, they seemed like hours, nobody said much as all of us were concentrating on not wetting ourselves. Nancy and Tammy were sitting silently together, hardly able to believe what they had done, when a cry from James shattered the silence as he stood up and almost bent double as his jeans turned a telltale darker shade of blue, I swear that guy must‘ve peed a couple of gallons! I thought it was never gonna stop!

Seconds later the bus screeched to an abrupt halt and Don leapt out of the driver‘s chair and ran up to the bathroom door and totally soaked his shorts, what he yelled cannot be repeated here! Sheepishly he climbed back into his seat and drove us off again, it might have been my imagination but I swear he drove a lot more carefully and straighter! I glanced at Charlie, the bulge in his trousers couldn‘t be hidden, he looked at me clearly aroused at the sight of my desperation. I was sitting crossed legged with both hands jammed between my legs, every now and then I‘d give myself a rub, but being careful not to bring myself to orgasm, (which considering the situation we were all in was extremely difficult not to do). "How‘s that song you were writing with Tammy earlier?" he asked.

"Oh its almost done." I replied. He took a look at it and murmured something I couldn‘t hear, then added, "I sure wish we were in Nashville now, I don‘t think I can wait much longer." "Me too!" I replied. I had to force myself to tear my eyes away from his bulge, that guy can arouse me simply by opening his mouth, I could see desire in his eyes and I wondered if the situation turned him on too, after all I‘ve been around him so many times before, but I‘d never seen that look in his eyes before, not ever, so I consciously gave myself a rub and ‘oooohhh‘-ed a bit, no sooner had I done that he grabbed himself and made a frantic attempt to keep control (and I‘ve got to give him credit where credit‘s due) - that guy really tried but it was useless. I watched spellbound as the pee ran down his leg and made a huge puddle at our feet, he blushed slightly and tried to hide a smile that threatened to come over his face before burying his head in his hands, "Oh damn!" was all he said. At that moment my own desperation levels almost doubled and I had to fight with every ounce of strength and self control I could muster, the wave of desperation almost felt orgasmic, but somehow I held on. I hardly dared to even breathe as the wave tried to overcome me, but eventually it subsided just enough for me to cast a pleading look at Jeff, oh boy, he really looked in trouble - his body was rigid and his fists were white as he clenched them up doing anything and everything he could to keep control. The sight of Charlie‘s accident was just too much for Richard, he just couldn‘t keep control anymore and we all watched as a river suddenly appeared to flow from his chair, soaking the floor, but no one batted an eyelid.

Jeff, George and I were all on the very brink of wetting ourselves and dare not break our concentration and Don, Nancy, Tammy, Charlie and Richard were all in sympathetic understanding with each other. "Oh to hell with all this!" said George, reaching for the whisky and downed it all. "I wondered how long that would take," sighed Nancy, "no more George, you‘ve gotta make this show, that‘s the reason we‘re all in this predicament!" "Huh! I‘m George, I can do as I like!" was his reply but he allowed Nancy to take the bottle from him. The whisky numbed his senses because despite him clutching himself frantically, he began to wet himself completely. "Hey Don!" I called out, "how far is it now?" "About 2 hours." was the reply. "Can you hold that long Jeff?" I asked him. "I really don‘t know cuz." was his tense reply. "You can do it cuz," I pleaded, "if I can you can!" This gave him extra determination and I could see that look in his eyes that he always got when he was determined to conquer any situation he happened to be in at the time and from his determination, I gained strength too. About half an hour slipped by, someone had put some music on on the stereo, Jeff and I sat close together encouraging each other to hold on just that little bit longer, the others were completely amazed at our strength and determination. "Runs in the family." Jeff said nonchalantly as he pathetically shrugged his shoulders. But I could see through his apathy he was fighting so very hard to hold it, just like I was too, several times strong waves of intense desperation overcame all my senses and time completely stood still as I mustered up strength I didn‘t even know I had, just to hold on. I could barely move, barely talk, barely think or feel anything else except my intense desperation, I knew Jeff felt the same and we drew strength from each other. EVENTUALLY we saw the sign for Nashville, it might as well have said "heaven itself" for all we were concerned.

The minutes ticked by until we stopped in the stadium car park, the support act, a band called Chicago, were waiting on us ‘cos they were using our gear, so the door was unlocked as soon as we had stopped. When Don opened the silver eagle door I almost burst into tears at sheer relief. "What‘s been going on here! Is George sober?" he asked. We left the others to explain and slipped off the bus in search of the bathrooms, there they were right in the entrance of the stadium, I had never ever been so happy to see a bathroom in the whole of my entire life.

I hovered there, peeing and peeing for what seemed like forever then I stood up and gave myself the biggest rub I‘ve ever had. When I came back down to earth I went outside and waited for Jeff and from the time he‘d taken in there and the look on his face, I‘m sure he done the same thing as me.

Well Jeff wrote a darn good review of the show - a darn good review which thrilled Tammy and George and now we both regularly travel with them but each of us carries a spare key to the bathroom on the bus now!

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