Wetting stories

My Recent Bike Wetting

Hey everyone, Most people will know that the other day I decided that I was going to go on a desperate bike ride. I drank loads and held my pee until I was about the wet my self (the point where you have to hold your area to stop it leaking) I ran upstairs and quickly changed from my jeans and panties into just my padded Lycra riding shorts (without panties). I put my bare feet into my sketcher shapeups. I love shapeups without socks because they feel so soft and nice. having the lycra shorts on made me need to pee less because they are stretchy and don‘t press on my bladder so hard. I got my bike out of the garage while holding my self every step I took was quite hard. I got on the bike and started riding down the road. Each time I pressed on the peddle my crotch rubbed side to side on the seat. It felt so nice :) I managed to hold my pee for about 10 minutes of riding, long enough to get out of the area I live in and into a nearby forest. I was just riding along on my own really trying not to pee my self. All the time my feet getting warmer and moister in my soft shoes. I carried on peddling and then suddenly I drove over a tree root without noticing it coming. A spurt of warm pee escaped into my shorts and it felt amazing. As I continued to ride the wet shorts rubbed against me between my legs which made me so turned on. I then decided to just run over tree roots every time I saw them and try to hold my pee. Every root I hit though another spurt of warm pee escaped I just couldn‘t hold it at all. I stopped riding and tried to hold my self and get my self into a better holding position. I managed to go then another 10 minutes without spurting but then suddenly when I started leaning forwards to ride uphill a huge spurt came out and I felt a small trickle run down my legs. It felt amazing I felt it reach my ankle and then it stopped. I carried on peddling hard up the hill every time I pressed hard on the peddle another spurt came out. after riding up hill for about 50 seconds my legs were all glistening and wet with pee and the heels of my feet were wet and warm with pee as well. I then decided to just totally go for it. I peddled as hard and as fast as I could with huge spurts of warm pee flowing out from between my legs. It pouded down my legs and into my shoes by now my toes were as wet as my heels and they were squishing around in the warm pee. It felt amazing. The feeling of the pee spurting out around the saddle felt amazing as it sprayed around my ***** lips.

This must have been one of my favorite wettings yet and anyone that hasn‘t peed on a bike really should try it. It is amazing.


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