Wetting stories

Uniform Fun

Those readers who are familiar with the events than had occurred earlier that afternoon will know that, following an accident (I wet my panties) while on the phone, had coincided with Ian‘s (my husband) unexpected return from work. Both of us where so turned on by my wet state, it had resulted in torrid wet sex, (during which I had peed myself again) we were so carried away.

Sadly we had to desist, because I needed to pick up our son from school. While I was waiting outside the school, my son was invited out to tea. Which meant that when I returned home we would free to begin where we had left off? At Ian‘s insistence I was wearing the panties I had wet twice already, which was a big turn on. As a result, the feel of the sogginess incited me into playing with myself in the old school toilet block. As I sat on the loo, I recalled incidents from my own school days; when wet panties often led to my being unable to resist masturbating. It was while sitting there I had a brilliant idea for the resumption of our wet sex episode, on my return home. Being in the school buildings had given me an idea. I found my way to the senior girl’s school store, where the spare sixth form uniforms were kept. I sorted one out, a tight fit, but it would serve my purpose. I stuffed it into a plastic bag and fled to the car. On arriving home I went into the garden shed, and changed into the uniform, but kept on my stained and dirty panties, stiff with dried pee and love juice. I arranged my hair in the way I had worn it in my final term at school, and completed my outfit with white ankle socks and trainers. So attired I went into the house. Standing outside the study, where I knew Ian would be working.

I knocked on the door and when Ian called out "yes!" I went into my act. I entered and stood at the side of his desk. His eyes nearly popped out of his head, when he saw the way I was dressed. I stood in front of him my finger in my mouth, my legs and knees pressed together; giving the unmistakably impression that I was almost on the verge of wetting myself. "I have been sent home from school," I began. "I had an accident, and I am on the verge of having another one." As I said this I slowly raised my skirt, placing my palm over the front of my panties grasping myself tightly, through my panties- wriggling about as I did so. Ian caught on to my play-acting, and took up his role.

"I think you had better tell me all about it," he replied his eyes fastened on my crotch, where I was pretending to be almost masturbating myself, in an effort to prevent another accident. "Well I was sitting at the back of the class this afternoon. Having finished my work, I was reading one of your rude books I took from in here. The story made me so horny I could scarcely contain myself. I requested to go to the toilet, but was refused. You see I wanted to pee, and I was so turned on by your book that once in there I knew I would be unable to resist having to relieve myself with a good frig. Mr. Thomas, the teacher refused to let me go- I think he guessed I was almost peeing a myself and he saw an opportunity to watch me squirm. Girls have always said that he gets off on watching girls almost wetting themselves. Anyway I thought ‘fuck him‘ and when I figured that no one was looking, I slipped my hand up my skirt and wormed a finger up my knicker leg; furtively masturbating myself as I read. Soon I was on the edge of coming; you know how I mean, when it‘s so nice you can‘t stop- I mean every touch on my clit was sending quivers of delight down my legs to my toes. I could even feel it in my tits. Cream from my arousal had drenched my panties to the point where it was running down my thighs but I was aware that I would probably pee myself if I went over the edge.

It was at that point that I was aware of Mr. Thomas‘s eyes on me. My first reaction was to stop but then I saw the big bulge in his pants. Just like the one you have now. So I carried on. Although there was still ten minutes to go, Mr. Thomas dismissed the class, but asked me to remain behind. Once we were alone he walked over to me and said ‘so! You not only do you think can make an exhibition of yourself by almost wetting your panties in my class, but- you dirty little slut -you think you can get away with masturbating in public. What is more I can see you have gone that far I doubt you can make it home without finishing what you have started!‘

"By this time I was so pissed off with him, I thought ‘right I will show you,‘ and pulling up my skirt, I slipped my soaking panties to my knees and eased my fingers up my cunt and spread my legs. I began to wank, while watching his pathetic little bulge build up at his crotch. The knowledge of the control I was exerting over him inflamed my imagination, and I was soon on the verge of coming. Making sure he had a good view of my legs and cunt, I could see that he was masturbating though his trousers pocket. This added to my excitement. I had an almighty orgasm, and as I came, I pissed in a long yellow arch, directly towards him, and then between my legs into my panties round my knees from where it dripped onto the floor."

"I heard him gasp and saw a large wet patch spread over his trousers, and before he could say anything I stood up and said ‘Now you have got what you wanted, you had better clean yourself up, and while you are at it get a mop and clean my pee up as well.‘

"He tried to act scornful but failed, mumbling that he would report me to you; so, before he rings you and says anything here I am." While I had been narrating the events of the afternoon, Ian had taken me in his arms. I tugged his belt undone and slid his jeans and pants down, and while his hands seized the wet pantied cheeks of my bum. I gripped his throbbing eight inches and maneuvered it up my inflamed hungry vagina, up the leg of my panties. Standing there in the study, against the wall, he fucked me with long slow strokes. I held his face to mine and whispered "now !" His sigh told me he was ready, and abandoning all control I let go the full flow of my bladder filling my panties and soaking his cock, balls, and legs. I felt his legs hard and springy against me and as he filled me with his cum I contracted my vagina around his cock. Then wave upon wave of repressed delight swept though me as I wrapped my legs round his waist, extracting the joy of our union to fulfillment, while virtually sitting on his embedded prick.

Well, it took some time to recover; both of us slumped on the settee. What a sight I must have looked, the school skirt round my waist, legs awash with pee and cum sliding down my thighs while my socks were totally soaked. As for my panties, well they were almost steaming with hot pee and dollops of spunk drying on them. Even the bottom of my white blouse was wet and strangely enough, my school tie also had a spunk stain on it. I caught Ian looking at me, his prick staring to harden again. As he caressed me, he said: "what a dirty clever sexy girl," then cupping my cunt through my panties, he began to rub my filthy panties over my swollen cunt. To my surprise I found I was quickly becoming aroused again. Wanting to share my excitement, I slipped my panties off and wrapped them around Ian‘s hardening prick, wanking him off while he frigged me. Using really dirty talk I encouraged us both on to another climax, before going together into the shower. While soaping me down Ian observed. "That was very good; but if your Mr. Thomas did exist, he might ring, to ask how I chastised you. Then what am I going to say? That I gave you a good fucking that‘s not a penalty." However neither was what he did next, although what he did next, well, that‘s another story. So stay tuned!


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